Telegram Brings Reactions, Spoilers, Translations, and QR Codes with New Update

The instant messaging app, Telegram, updates its app for the 12th time this year, bringing in new features. This Telegram update brings reactions, message translations, and many other features to the table. The update also includes additions to the macOS client and more interactive emojis.


Telegram introduced interactive and animated emojis to the chats and was one of the first apps to introduce them. With this new update, you’ll be able to react to the messages using these interactive and animated emojis. This feature is similar to what you see on Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Telegram DMs.

You can send a reaction to a message by long-pressing (on iOS) or tapping once (Android) on the message and choosing through reactions like 👍👎😁😱🔥🎉. By double-tapping on the message, you can quickly send a 👍 reaction to the message.

For a group, you need to turn on the Reactions feature and select the emojis you want to enable for the group members. You can change your default reactions to other emojis in Settings.
Android: Chat Settings > Quick Reaction.
iOS: Stickers and Emoji > Quick Reaction.


If you want to share what happens to Peter Parker without spoiling a fantastic movie, then Telegram introduced this Spoiler feature just for you. Type-in and select the text you want to hide as a spoiler, and choose Formatting tools and then the Spoiler option.

This option will hide the message until and unless a user taps on it. In this way, you don’t get spoiled unless they intentionally spoil you.


Given that Telegram is used by people worldwide, Telegram missed the translation abilities. Not only that, but it was also getting a bit difficult for users to understand other people with different languages. But now you can translate the messages in other languages to your native language in Telegram.

To enable this feature on Telegram, head over to Settings > Languages and enable the Translate option. Now long press on any message, and you’ll see the Translate option. It is available on all Android devices that support Telegram, but you’ll need iOS 15+ on Apple devices.

Other Updates

This update from Telegram brings in other updates like Themed QR Codes that let you share a QR code to your profile, channel, or public groups. There are also new interactive emojis that react when you send or tap on them. The macOS client also gets updated with a more unified experience with new context menus and animated icons.

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