Telegram Introduces Hyper-Speed Scrolling, Join Requests and More with New Update

The instant messaging app is gearing up to receive another update. The new update brings new ways to find memories in shared media with high-speed scrolling, a calendar view, Global Chat themes, Unique chat names on iOS, and many more.

The new update also includes a new feature named hyper-speed mode when moving through the gallery of documents shared in chats, or a “calendar view” that allows users to view the documents shared on a specific date. Let’s have a look at the new features that are going to arrive in Telegram.

Hyper-Speed Scrolling

Telegram will feature hyper-speed scrolling for shared media through which each chat in the Telegram application will feature a shared media page that shows all the photos, videos, files, and music that have been sent to the user. In addition to that, a date bar has been added to the application that can drag up and down to scroll through shared media faster. The update features zoom in and zoom out feature to the shared media for a better look at the media.

Calendar View

Telegram Calendar View

Users can now quickly find media from a specific time. Users can find the particular file by tapping on the date bar to open a calendar interface with media previews for each day. Users can also click to see all the media from that specific date. With calendar view, users can see the files sent or received according to the particular date.

Join Requests for Channels

The channels and chats also receive changes with the arrival of this new update. The latest update brings invite links that let users have the opportunity to join other’s groups or channels at their own time. When users create additional invite links for the chat, the admins can now control who can join and see the conversation through the Request Admin Approval setting. The admins can now view an applicant’s public profile pictures and bio and approve or dismiss their request.

The new approval features an option to set unique names for each invite link as they are more accessible to label and organize. The latest update brings new interactive emojis as users can send a single emoji in any private chat and tap the emoji to unleash its full-screen effect.

Telegram also introduces specific changes for the iOS version, including new global chats. The Telegram also features an option to see the estimated arrival time for shared locations and the option of quickly adding comments to submitted photos or a revamped settings menu.

The new update of the Telegram application can now be downloaded or updated on the iOS and Android platforms through the Apple store or the Google App store.

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