Spotify Survey Points at $19.99 Platinum Plan That Would Include HiFi Streaming

Spotify is a music streaming service that offers users various songs. It has a vast library of songs from different artists worldwide. Users can create their playlists or listen to Spotify’s curated playlists. They can also listen to podcasts and follow their famous artists to keep up with new releases.

According to a recent survey sent out to some users, Spotify is testing a new subscription that would offer high-quality streaming audio to members. The survey, first spotted by XDA Developers, asks users how they would react to various subscription plans, including a $19.99/month ‘Platinum’ plan that would include HiFi streaming.

Over on Reddit, a former Spotify subscriber shared a screenshot of a survey that Spotify conducted. They asked in the survey if they would rejoin or switch to the service based on recent plan tiers. However, users can still use Spotify freely to listen to music from the vast library of songs from different artists as individual options.

The survey also mentions a $19.99 platinum tier that would bring over the standard paid benefits while including HiFi and some extra features called studio sound, Headphone Tuner, Library Pro, Audio Insight, and Playlist Pro. Also, the new plan would limit ad interruption for Spotify’s library of original podcasts.

The Reddit users who took the survey shared more details on what it entailed. The survey also showed several different versions of the Platinum plan. Moreover, it also included access to audiobooks, which Spotify began selling in September.

The additional features of Spotify Premium got mentioned in the survey. “Studio Sound” could be Spotify’s branding for immersive Dolby Atmos / 360 Reality audio. The survey also says that the new subscription would include ‘unlimited skips and ad-free listening,’ suggesting that it would target power users willing to pay more for a premium experience.

The survey also asks users if they would be interested in a $14.99/month ‘Gold’ plan that would include ad-supported streaming and a $9.99/month ‘Silver’ plan that would include ad-supported streaming and limited song playback.

Spotify HiFi got initially announced in February 2021; the company claimed it would roll out by the end of last year. A Spotify spokesperson said: “We’re excited to bring Spotify HiFi to more countries soon and will share more details as they become available.” Also, he said that the company is “committed to bringing the best listening experience to as many people as possible.”

Spotify Seems Determined to Charge Extra for HiFi

Apple had bought lossless and high-resolution audio for Apple Music at no extra cost. Still, some believe that this move caught Spotify off guard, and its hope to charge an additional cost for premium sound-and led to postponing HiFi. Amazon Music also includes lossless streaming on its standard subscription plan.

There is no doubt that Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms. However, it would be best if you considered upgrading to Spotify Premium to get the most out of Spotify. With Spotify Premium, you’ll access a broader range of features, including high-quality audio, offline listening, and no ads. Plus, you’ll also be able to support your famous artists by paying for their music. Hopefully, we’ll know the full details soon enough. Also, leave your opinion on these premium features.

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