Smartphone deliveries from Flipkart and other makers will commence from 3rd May

The e-commerce giant Flipkart announced that deliveries of smartphones and other non-essential goods would commence from April 20. But, in other news Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) reported that there aren’t any plans of the supply of non-essential goods by e-commerce companies like Flipkart and others will remain prohibited during the national lockdown.

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Smartphone brands such as Xiaomi and Realme were making some distinctive plans to launch their latest editions in India in the coming week. But, As per guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) last week, e-commerce companies were not allowed to deliver smartphones as well as electronic goods to their customers from April 20 in specific areas where hotspots are not present with the view of COVID-19.

The new guidelines from the government also suggested that e-commerce companies in India which are Flipkart and Amazon are not allowed to use any kind of operations with the vehicles. Many spokespersons of the related businesses have raised their voices on these new guidelines, which are Xiaomi and Realme.

The Realme officials have stated that “We are evaluating the situation and decision about the launch of the much-awaited Narzo series and online sales of our other smartphones will be made by tomorrow.” The CEO and MD of Xiaomi have taken on this issue and asserted that “We are studying this, and will update you soon. We will, of-course follow all government guidelines.”

Amazon India has also declared that it would start delivering smartphones. After the revised guidelines they reacted to it that “The new guidelines will disappoint not only the consumers whose list of essentials had expanded to work from home and study from home products but also the thousands of small businesses, sellers and manufacturers across the country, who had geared up in the last 48 hours to provide millions of people with safe access to products”.

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Let us hope the government is planning for a good decision on levitating lockdown on these products which, have also become an essential factor for the consumers. So, not only the consumers but also the sellers and companies across may get benefitted from the guidelines.

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