Samsung Reportedly Working on 1-inch Camera Sensor

We are well-known for the fact that Samsung produces great smartphones and appliances. Apart from those, Samsung is quite popular in manufacturing the chipsets, displays, and even camera sensors. Samsung is bringing its new 1-inch camera sensor to its smartphones. Samsung has already produced a 108MP ISOCELL camera, recently seen on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Samsung 1-inch camera sensor NONACELL technology

Samsung’s 1-inch Camera Sensor

After working on the 108MP ISOCELL sensor, Samsung is ready to take on a big leap towards making a 1-inch camera sensor, based on NONACELL technology. The company’s 108MP sensor was already a great success when it launched on Mi Note 10 and the S20 Ultra.

The 1-inch camera sensor will be a 150MP sensor with Samsung’s NONACELL technology. NONACELL technology is a concept of embedding nine individual pixels into each pixel. It is better than 108MP sensor technology. The new technology allows Samsung to absorb more light and create a much more precise, brighter, and high-resolution image.

We are aware of the fact that Samsung’s S20 Ultra utilizes the 108MP sensor to capture images at 12MP. But with the new 150MP sensor, the camera will use 16MP instead of 12MP. NONACELL is an enhanced version of the Tetracell technology which utilizes a three-by-three pixel structure. NONACELL doubles the light absorption compared to the Tetracell tech.

It is interesting to see how Samsung is going for higher-numbered sensors slowly. Over time, the race for more camera pixels was out of the question. It seems that Samsung is trying to bring it back from the grave. Nonacell already appears to be a promising technology for smartphones. We have to see where Samsung takes it.

Another rumor is floating around regarding the use of the 1-inch camera sensor based on the 150MP Nonacell technology by Xiaomi. It is supposedly going to launch in the Q4 of 2020. What do you think about this new technology? Let us know in the comments.

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