Samsung Launches iTest to Experience Samsung Galaxy Smartphones on iPhone

Samsung has just unveiled their new web app called “iTest” on the iOS platform. The iTest lets iOS users experience the Galaxy range of smartphones by offering them a trial version of the Android UI on their iOS devices.

The iTest app is limited but does a great job in offering a similar experience to that of Android, complete with mock notifications and even allows access for the Galaxy store. The new iTest app is totally free and it is seeing promotions only in New Zealand at the moment, but the users with iPhone 7 or the latest versions of iPhone, can access the application from anywhere in the world.

Samsung iTest 01

The release of iTest comes after a statement from Tim Cook where he announced that a large number of iPhone users are the ones who migrated from Android. Although,  Android is still the world’s largest operating system with a huge margin.

Samsung iTest 02

By accessing, the iTest website on an iPhone prompts users to install a web app on their home screen. Further after installation, the application launches into a Galaxy smartphone home screen with a wide range of apps and options. The iTest lets you access the Galaxy store, Themes, and even the messages and phone apps as well.

The users with iTest will experience simulated phone calls and messages that give information about the Galaxy features. In addition, there’s also a camera tutorial from the plumber and photographer Logan Dodds that walks through with all the necessary camera options. The users will be guided through the pop-ups as they navigate through the iTest application. Moreover, the users will also be able to browse the Galaxy Wearable app with all of Samsung’s accessories in it.

In the iTest app, the users can access the gallery which will show the pictures, there are also some guides and tutorials for the Samsung Kids and Samsung health apps as well. Furthermore, the settings app lets you know about the customization features available. It’s actually cool to experience one UI on an iPhone without a complex installation process. Another interesting aspect which is ‘ Fortnite’ was added in the Galaxy Store which iPhone users can no longer play.

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