OnePlus Nord: Reasons To Consider The Upcoming Mid-Range Smartphone From OnePlus

OnePlus Nord is the upcoming Mid-Range contender smartphone from the manufacturer. The device has made a lot of buzz on social media with lots of leaks for its specifications and design. The company has also started the promotions by releasing documentaries and making videos on the device, which got positive feedbacks.

The smartphone is getting a lot of hype among the tech community as well as the regular audience because of OnePlus’s New Beginnings Teasers. The company has revealed that they are trying to launch a unique smartphone that will be affordable and powerful similar to their debut OnePlus One device.

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OnePlus Nord: Reasons To Consider

OnePlus has made a keen observation among the consumers for their choices and price they want to shell out for a smartphone. Even though the teasers and promotional documentaries feature a lot of hype about this smartphone, in the end, it’s a technology that comes with a lower price for masses.

It all boils down to the community of OnePlus that has stuck solid with the company’s outlook and consumer’s satisfaction basis. There are a few reasons that makeup to choose this smartphone in the upcoming mid-range segment over other company smartphones that also come with similar specs and designs.

The OnePlus Nord is rumored to get priced well under $500 and will get powered by the Snapdragon 765G processor, which is considered a good SoC in that price range. OnePlus also announced that it’s going to feature an OLED display instead of LCD and a quad-camera setup in the upcoming Nord.

oneplus nord

The other reason that many people are excited about the Nord device is it’s OnePlus’s very own budget range device after the OnePlus X, which got announced in 2015. After the launch of OnePlus X, there weren’t any mid-range smartphones from OnePlus since then, and that’s the reason for the awaited launch of Nord.

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Nevertheless, the company has officially given out the invites for the OnePlus Nord launch event, which is going to take place in a new AR announcement way. This way, users who get a Nord AR card from OnePlus when pointed the camera to this card can experience the device virtually. The live event got scheduled for July 21.

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