OnePlus 8 Series Might Feature Fascinating Wireless Charging

OnePlus 8 with wireless charging incoming!

OnePlus has continually been the go-to brand when it comes to premium smartphones. The company has never held its back when it comes to the price to performance ratio. Even though the phones are unique and impressive, they always lacked wireless charging. But this time around looks like it might finally launch a phone with wireless charging.

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The company has now combined hands with WPC (Wireless Power Consortium), which promotes various wireless charging standards. It has always termed wireless charging as “slow” and “inconvenient” to use even though they switched from aluminum to glass back on OnePlus 6. It seems like that’s about to change.oneplus 8 wireless charging

The Qi Wireless charging made by WPC is currently the most popular wireless charging tech in the market. The phones and the wireless chargers, both have copper induction pads, and when the phone is placed, the energy is transferred and converted to electrical current inside the copper pads.

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The startup commenced well in the Indian market and has been doing an exceptional job ever since. With the wireless charging tech, it might have ultimately found the last part of the puzzle.

Are you a fan of wireless charging? or do you prefer wired?

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