OnePlus 8 Pro vs OnePlus 8 – Which is the better choice?

OnePlus has officially launched their flagship smartphones for the year 2020. Amidst the global crisis of COVID-19, OnePlus has standstill with their community and brought their newest editions OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, through a live event on their official website, and YouTube handles globally. These flagships have already appeared in many leaks and renders floating around the web. The catchy tagline that OnePlus chose for these Duo is “Lead with Speed.”

OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are the types of smartphones going to cater to a lot of High-End smartphone users with its new color schemes and plenty of options splattered for the users to keep up the competition among other smartphone brands such as Apple, Google Pixel and Samsung. Check out the specifications of the OnePlus 8 Pro yourselves as they stepped up a notch in every way possible.

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The OnePlus 8, as compared to its Pro model, comes with the same processor, which is the Snapdragon 865 SoC. The display size of 8 Pro is 6.78 inches as compared to the 6.55 inches of the lower version. Even the storage options are also the same, which are 8/6 GB of DDR4X RAM as compared to the DDR5 of the 8 Pro, which is a downgrade. It comes with 128GB/256GB UFS 3.0 internal storage, which is the same on both. But, there are some significant differences in both devices, which is justifiable for the $100 difference in pricing.

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OnePlus 8 Pro’s 120Hz display

The first significant feature to differentiate in both devices is the refresh rates of the displays. The 8 Pro boasts a 120Hz refresh rate display panel, which makes the overall experience buttery smooth than other smartphones on the market. But, if you’re already coming from a 90Hz display panel, you wouldn’t see many differences noticeable in the overall usage.

Even the OnePlus 8 has a 90Hz display, but it was already used in the 7 Pro last year. If you were using a 60Hz panel before, it would be a significant advantage to experience this screen as it changes the way your display feels, and the UI processes are faster than ever compared to a 60Hz. So, if you want a better display experience, overall you can pick 8 Pro for it’s faster 120Hz refresh rates. And, if your budget is rough, then you can choose OnePlus 8 as there wouldn’t be much difference.

IP68 Certification

The second significant feature is the water-resistance rating for smartphones. In this contemporary day and age, every flagship smartphone from various manufacturers has opted to give their smartphones with certifications of water resistance. OnePlus didn’t get convinced with giving their smartphones with this certification until this year. The OnePlus 8 Pro is their first flagship smartphone, which has IP68 certification since its manufacturing of smartphones from the start. And, the OnePlus 8, doesn’t get this certification as it’s a bit cheaper than the Pro version.

Wireless Charging

The third significant feature is the wireless charging feature, which is present on the 8 Pro and is absent on the lower version. Even the wireless charging is a feature that the fans and community have been asking the manufacturers to add as the flagship manufacturers have all included it but, OnePlus hesitant even though the previous 6 and 7 series had a glass back but no coil for exchange of power.

So, they have heard the fans all around the globe and added this feature on their higher variant, 8 Pro as it is the only way they can higher the prices of their smartphones and spurt out all of the features they can fit into a smartphone like this to feature load it.

Some other minor differences to discuss are the camera and battery departments. The 8 Pro has a quad-camera setup where it has 48+48+8+5 MP lenses on the rear camera as compared to the triple-camera setup with 48+16+2 MP. The OnePlus 8 misses out on the Optical Zoom of 5MP from the Pro model. The next factor is the battery, where the Pro model possesses a 4,510mAh as compared to the 4,300mAh, which isn’t much different but still counts.

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The pricing of these smartphones is $899 and $999 for the 8 Pro, and the OnePlus 8 is priced at $699 and $799, respectively. As you can see, there’s only a $100 difference between each of the models. If you want an overkill and every other feature to be present on your phone, choose the OnePlus 8 Pro and if you can adjust with some minor downgrade tweaks from the Pro model, opt the OnePlus 8. It all depends on your usability and budget to choose one from both of these smartphones.

Which one would you pick? Comment down below.

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