OnePlus 120Hz Display Tech: The Improved Display Technology From OnePlus

OnePlus recently revealed that they’ve completed working on the 120Hz display tech on Weibo. The information was on Weibo, and the text has translated using Google Translate, so don’t expect accurate details.

OnePlus 120Hz Display Tech

OnePlus says that they’ve completed the R&D regarding 120Hz display tech. And they’ve also confirmed that they will adopt it soon in their upcoming smartphones. OnePlus calls it the “Premium Screen Experience” when it comes to smoothness, accuracy, and comfort. OnePlus says that the refresh rate to be 120 per second, which refers to the 120Hz Display.

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The touch sampling rate claims to be a 240Hz touch sampling rate. OnePlus is calling this technology, “Smooth Chain” since it marks upon the display responsiveness. Smooth Chain gives OnePlus the ability to improve the touch accuracy, click response, and slide response.

OnePlus 120Hz Display Tech 2

Another technology from OnePlus allows you to convert any low refresh rate videos up to 120fps. It works out through an independent chip, which will provide you with much smoother videos. It is called MEMC, which stands for Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation.

OnePlus 120Hz Display Tech - 3

OnePlus also claims to improve another technology besides 120Hz display tech called JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Difference). It allows OnePlus to bring the JNCD as low as to 0.8 from 2 or 1. The lower the JNCD, the higher the colors get indistinguishable from the real colors. Along with this, OnePlus will be adopting a 10-bit color mode instead of the 8-bit color mode. It will allow the screen to have a broad spectrum of 1.07 billion colors instead of the usual 16.7 million color display.

OnePlus 120Hz Display Tech - 4

On the other hand, OnePlus claims to increase their usual maximum brightness level from 1024 levels to 4096 levels. They will achieve by the adoption of a new ambient sensor, which will allow fine-tuning the brightness levels by the color temperature. OnePlus has revealed quite a few details about the upcoming 120Hz display technology, but it seems there’s more to it. We’ve to wait till the forthcoming OnePlus smartphones to know more about the OnePlus 8/OnePlus 8 Pro.

Source: Weibo

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