Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 Upgraded with Intel 12th Gen CPUs

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 is the new addition to the Surface lineup. It was unveiled on 12th October 2022. It is a thin, light laptop in two sizes, 13.5-inch, and 15-inch. The 15-inch version can be configured with a bit more RAM and storage.

It is the successor to the Surface Laptop 3 and Laptop 4 models. The new notebooks will also feature 3:2 touchscreens with a familiar brushed aluminum design.

The new Surface Laptop 5 brings the most minor of upgrades. Microsoft offers the new Surface Laptop 5 series with Core i5-1235U and the Core i7-1255U. According to Microsoft Company, consumers can order the new Surface Laptop 5 in the following configurations:

Surface Laptop 5: 13.5-inch

  • Core i5-1235U/8 GB RAM/256 GB
  • SSD: US$999.99
  • Core i5-1235U/8 GB RAM/512 GB SSD: US$1,299.99
  • Core i5-1235U/16 GB RAM/512 GB SSD: US$1,499.99
  • Core i7-1255U/16 GB RAM/512 GB SSD: US$1,699.99

Surface Laptop 5: 15-inch

  • Core i7-1255U/8 GB RAM/256 GB SSD: US$1,299.99
  • Core i7-1255U/8 GB RAM/512 GB SSD: US$1,499.99
  • Core i7-1255U/16 GB RAM/512 GB SSD: US$1,799.99
  • Core i7-1255U/32 GB RAM/1 TB SSD: US$2,399.99

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 with Intel 12th Gen CPUs

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 features Intel Core i5 and i7 12th Gen CPUs. For some reason, Microsoft has not partnered with AMD Ryzen for either Surface Laptop 5 Series. Furthermore, the Surface Laptop 5 series does not include any display upgrades, with Microsoft’s laptops still stuck with 60 Hz panels, unlike the Surface Laptop Pro 9 and Surface Laptop Pro 9 5G.

The Surface Laptop 5 13.5-inch is available in four color variants, while the Surface Laptop 5 15-inch makes do with two. It also comes with an LPDDR5x RAM processor, which should yield a speed boost from the LPDDR4x RAM powering the Surface Laptop 4 series.

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Initially, the Surface Laptop 5 series came with Thunderbolt Connectivity. For context, both Surface Laptop 5 sizes feature USB 3.1 Type-A, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and Surface Connect ports. Also, Microsoft has not revealed the battery capacities of both modules.

The new Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 retails at Rs. 1,07,000 around India, that roughly translates to $999. It comes in four color variants: Platinum, Matte Black, Sage, and Sandstone. The Microsoft Surface Laptop 5 series will be available to buy in stores from 25th October 2022.

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