Apple Releases macOS Monterey Update; Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Apple has started rolling out the latest macOS, the macOS Monterey for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac models. The newest version of the macOS is now available for download for MacBook and iMac users. It brings a host of new features across Safari, Messages, FaceTime, and other such features.

The macOS Monterey will include features like Universal Control, Shortcuts, AirPlay support, and new features for Safari. In addition, the Apple macOS Monterey is currently available as a free update to all eligible Mac devices. The new features will allow seamless usage between the devices using a single input tool and support file transfers between the systems.

Supported Devices List of macOS Monterey

The macOS Monterey will roll out to the eligible devices that comprise Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, iMac Pro. The new macOS update doesn’t bring an interface face-lift but focuses on improving the user experience.

By using SharePlay, users can FaceTime their friends and family members and watch a movie/ listen to music or even share the screen to consume content together. Users will now be able to play music on their iMac speakers through a quick wireless connection. Universal Control is perhaps the best addition to the macOS Monterey that allows users to have seamless usage of different devices like the iPad or MacBook at the same time.

SharePlay on macOS Monterey

FaceTime will now support Portrait Mode, Grid View, Voice Isolation Mode, Spatial Audio, and Calendar Integration. FaceTime also includes two features that make FaceTime calls better. FaceTime features voice Isolation which eliminates background noise to ensure the user’s voice is crystal clear, and a Wide Spectrum allows all the noise to come in such that users can hear everything.

Users will now even create a link for a FaceTime call and send it to their friends. The Wide Spectrum records every sound from the microphone for a more holistic sound on your FaceTime calls. Spatial Audio support has been added to make conversations sound more lifelike, and SharePlay can be used to share music, tv shows, movies, projects, etc., right within a call.

According to Apple, The new update produces the voice Isolation algorithm that reduces background noise during calls. Users can also use portrait mode during calls in the latest update. The AirPlay is also coming to Mac’s with the new update; users will move content from their iPhones and iPads to their Macs using this feature.

The Mac device can also be used as an AirPlay speaker for audio and visual content as well. Moreover, customized shortcuts are added in the new update that helps users cut downtime by assigning or creating commonly used workflows as a shortcut by allowing users to launch into them quickly.

AirPlay to Mac - macOS Monterey Feature

The new update includes a Focus mode that helps users prioritize notifications. Depending on the work users are doing at that moment, notifications will be muted for them. The focus mode also tells other people that users are busy or unavailable.

In addition, Quick Notes are added to the new update that helps users quickly note down the points on any app or website. In addition, users can also store links to Quick Notes as well. Apple’s Safari web browser will feature a host of upgrades with the macOS Monterey.

The update to the macOS features intelligent Tracking Prevention that prevents trackers from profiling users using your IP address. Safari web browser features new Tab Groups that allow users to save and organize tabs easily.

To download the new macOS monetary update, users need to go to System Preferences > Software update. Users can also update their macOS version by navigating to the menu button and choosing the “About this Mac” option. Users can select the “Software Update” option, and macOS should begin searching for a new software update, and if the device meets the compatibility, the device will start updating.

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