League of Legends: Wild Rift to Launch in China on September 15

League Of Legends is one of China’s most-played competitive multiplayer games, and Riot has ambitious plans for its mobile version. The mobile version of Riot’s popular multiplayer game is finally making its way to China. According to some reports, League Of Legends: Wild Rift is coming soon to China on September 15.

The mobile version of this popular mobile eSports game received approval from China’s National Press and Publication Administration last February.

The game was available in the country before testing, but this is the first time it will be getting a wider beta launch with the progress, and users will not be losing any of their progress or data.

In terms of Esports, the Wild Rift Community is launched in the country by TJ Sports, which organizes the League Of Legends Pro League (LPL). All LPL organizations have signed rosters in Wild Rift and compete in a qualifier starting on September 11.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Banner

TJ Sports has also announced a Wild Rift League that will begin toward the end of the year with the best teams from across the country. Furthermore, there was a Spark Invitational Lan event in Shanghai with a prize pool of almost $77,000. The event’s winner, the Da Kun Gaming, has qualified for the Wild Rift World Championship 2021.

According to a tweet post from WRC competitive, City Championship is a Collegiate-level series that will provide Collegiate teams a seat in the 2022 Chinese League Qualifiers Signups on September 20.

The popular mobile multiplayer game finally getting released to China would bring many opportunities in the eSports scene. Albeit, only one region remains in the globe where the game hasn’t been released yet.

There is no official confirmation from Company when they will release a game to the South Asia region. In addition to it, TJ Sports tat organizes LPL events across the globe, announced that Wild Rift League would begin at the end of the year with the best teams across the globe.

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