iPhone 5G Launch Delayed Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

The world is on a pandemic crisis where every country is suffering from the COVID-19 outbreak. The center for manufacturing smartphones, China, is the primary cause of this outbreak. In other news, Apple’s newest iPhone, which has slated to launch in September with 5G cellular support, has been delayed as per some reports.

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All the major smartphone manufacturers around the world are facing fewer sales numbers due to the outbreak. Countries like India are following lockdown everywhere so that they don’t spread it, and if not followed, it may cause enormous casualties. Many companies have backed out to launch their products without Media personnel and are just announcing devices on a LIVE broadcast. But, every citizen should take severe precautions and maintain social distancing to overcome this situation to bring back everything to normal.

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iPhone 5G

iPhone 5G

Apple’s iPhone 5G has huge expectations among the analysts as it will drive a healthy iPhone upgrade cycle. They are reliable with the above point because the iPhone sales, which came to nearly $56 billion in Q1, accounting for more than half of the company’s revenues.  However, Apple claims that the spread of the new coronavirus is taking a toll on both consumer demand and its supply chain. Its revenue for the current quarter won’t meet previous estimates.

Apple has silently announced its 2020 Macbook Air and iPad Pro for this year. These products are available on Apple’s official website. As per speculations from the Nikkei Asian Review, the 5G iPhone launch could be delayed by months, possibly into 2021, which is next year.

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