Benchmarks of a New Intel Core i9 10900 Engineering Sample reveal impressive results

Rumors about Intel’s new comet lake CPUs were booming on the internet from the past few days. Yesterday was the day Intel Core i9-10900 ES was benchmarked, including tests on CPU-Z and CineBench R15, ahead of its release, and the results look quite impressive.

The “ES” version here means that it is an engineering sample that might still be in a testing phase. Additionally, there was no mention of “K” or “F” versions. We’re assuming this CPU to be overclockable with internal graphics.

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Intel Core i9: Another Let-Down or Impressive Results?

The base clock speed of the chip is 2.5 GHz. That might look low, but a lot of the leaks about Comet Lake desktop CPUs, in the past, have aimed to lower trivial clock speeds with more focus on boost. The chip can be boosted up to 4.4 GHz. The i9-10900 CPU is expected to pack ten cores with Hyper-Threading for a total of 20 threads.

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The Intel Core i9-10900 on Cinebench R20 scored 3714 points, which are less compared to the score of rumored 10900F, which tops at 4781 points. The lower score could also be because it is an engineering sample. We believe the original version will be significantly better. Till then, stay tuned for more updates.

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