How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 using 4 Easy Methods

These days, we tend to take a lot of screenshots on our smartphones but have very little knowledge on How to take a screenshot on Windows. Let it be an important conversation or funny meme content, we take a snapshot of the screen right at the moment and share that easily through many apps with just one touch away.

The best way to have a copy of something right at your fingertips is to have a screenshot of that page. There are different ways for taking a screenshot on Windows Operating System. We have brought a few ways that can help you take screenshots of your desired content with ease. Here are some methods on How to take a screenshot on Windows 10.

How to Take Screenshot on Windows

In Windows 10 Operating System, the PrtScn button on the keyboard helps to take screenshots with some simple steps to follow. The other best and easy way to take a screenshot on Windows 10 is by using the Snipping Tool and Windows Game Bar that comes pre-installed right in the operating system. The screenshot image from Snipping Tool can be edited on the Snip & Sketch tool for even more reliability.

There are some really simple ways to have a snapshot of your current screen by using some easy keyboard shortcuts which doesn’t require much work to hop on. Now, let’s check out both the ways which are by using PrtScn and Snipping Tool for the answers on How to Take a Screenshot on Windows operating system.

Method 1: Using the “PrtScn” Button for Capturing Screenshot

  1. On the current screen, press Win + PrtScn to capture a full window screenshot.
  2. Press PrtScn to capture a screenshot of your current screen and the image will get stored on the clipboard.
Screenshot on Windows Using PrtSc

The user has more control over the copied screenshot in the clipboard as it can get edited in the different set of applications when using only the PrtScn button while the Win + PrtScn will create a separate image file of screenshot directly in the Pictures folder of the system with Screenshots as a subfolder.

The above-mentioned steps for taking a screenshot on Windows can get used extensively for capturing screenshots as they are quite simple and easy that can get attached or shared directly just like the smartphone way.

Method 2: “Snip & Sketch” tool for taking a screenshot on Windows

  1. To get started with Snip & Sketch, Press Win+ Shift + S to open the application.
  2. After getting a dimmed screen appears an overlaid options at the top in a bar format
  3. Select the desired area of the Window to Snip the part by moving and selecting with the cursor.
  4. After selecting the Snip, the image gets copied to the clipboard and is found in the notifications tab.
  5. Click on the saved Snip from the notifications tab and edit the image the way you need it.
  6. The final step is to save the image by clicking on the Save As button for storing the image at the preferred location.

The Snip & Sketch feature is a clear extension of the previous version known as Snipping Tool. Except the newer tool helps the user to have a handful of options that can annotate and sketch on the specific snipped image for better reliability.

screenshot on windows

This feature is a go-to option and we recommend it strongly for its user-friendly interface and no fuss to deal with while using compared to other alternatives.

Method 3: Taking a Screenshot on Windows by utilizing the “Snipping Tool

  1. To initiate the Snipping tool, you have to open it from the app listings by searching from the Start menu.
  2. Select the New option from the menu and select the wanted area that you want to capture instead of the full screen.
  3. You can even change the Modes of the Snip that can help you with the desired shape of the Snip.
  4. There is a Delay option too that can help the user to capture the screenshot in a delayed manner.
  5. Select the File menu in the top bar and press the Save As button to save the captured screenshot or snip.

This tool is similar to the Snip & Sketch and even Windows is pushing a notification for the user that in future updates, Snipping Tool may get removed from the OS.

screenshot on windows

They are advising users to use Snip & Sketch since both the applications do the same job but the newer version has more features on the table to help out the user to take a screenshot on Windows.

Method 4: Using “Windows Game Bar” for capturing screenshots when in-game

  1. Open a game title specifically from the Xbox Console Companion program for Windows Game Bar
  2. When you are in-game, press the Win + G buttons to get overlay options of the Windows Game Bar array.
  3. You can select the camera icon to capture the screenshot of the game-screen specifically.


  • You can just press Win + Alt + PrtScn buttons to capture screenshots of the normal or game screen and this will get saved in the “Videos” folder in a subfolder named “Captures.”
screenshot on windows

The Windows Game Bar is specifically meant for capturing awesome moments that you achieve during your gameplay or that awfully lost game that you want to capture and replay it for checking the mistakes that undergone during the match.

This feature can get used for normal usage as well but saves the screenshot in a different folder as mentioned in the above steps for taking screenshots on Windows 10.

Conclusion on How to Take a Screenshot on Windows

Here on, use the above mention methods to have a fuss-free and blissful way of taking a screenshot on Windows. The above tools used are available right within the operating system applications. So, there are no worries about installing a third-party application to capture screenshots on your Desktop/Laptop.

If you happened to use any other different application than the above mentioned please do mention it in the comments down below. If you have any interesting suggestions for any topic feel free to comment them down and let us help you furthermore with this type of topic let us know.


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