How to Forget Wireless Networks on Mac in 5 Easy Steps

In this guide, we will tell give you the steps on how to forget wireless networks on Mac. Wireless Networks have become an essential part of our lives for being connected with the World through Internet. Our Mac systems connect to many Wi-Fi networks and we ignore removing or to Forget Wireless Networks on Mac that are not in use. The Apple Macs or any PC and Laptops have a feature where the device automatically connects to the Public or Open networks.

Apart from that, forgetting a network and reconnecting can help you rectify any issues that you might face while browsing on your Mac. Moreover, you can keep your list of networks clean because macOS can connect to numerous networks in many instances and saves them. You can edit this list of networks from the Preferred Networks settings and remove the networks that you don’t connect.

Guide to Forget Wireless Networks on Mac

forget wireless networks on mac

Open WiFi Settings on the Mac

Go to the Wi-Fi menu by clicking on the network icon in the top-right corner of the Mac menu bar.

This is the menu that you often go through when you need to connect to a new network. You can even select a wireless network from the available networks that macOS scans and shows you as a list.

Go to Network Preferences menu

In the drop-down menu, select the Network Preferences option from the list of options.

The previous step gives you a walkthrough of the Wi-Fi settings which shows you basic information about the networks scanned on your Mac. In the Network Preferences, you can Forget Wireless Networks on Mac as well as make changes in the Wi-Fi networks.

Go to Advanced menu of the Wireless Networks

Click on the Wi-Fi Settings from the left-side menu in Network Preferences. Now, scroll down and select the Advanced option in the Wi-Fi Settings menu.

Here, the Wi-Fi settings give you an overview of the present connected network to turn off or for selecting an automatic connection to the network. Here, you can even toggle off the Ask to join new networks which helps you not to connect to an open or unknown public network.

Selecting Networks to Forget on Mac

Now, select the networks from the list of previously connected networks to Forget Wireless Networks on Mac
The advanced options of the Wi-Fi settings give you an overlook of all the networks that you have previously connected to your Mac. You need to select the networks individually that you want to forget.

Forget Wireless Networks on Mac

The final step is by clicking on the minus (““) icon at the bottom of the list. The macOS will show up a pop-up window to Forget Wireless Networks on Mac. Click the Remove option and the system will forget wireless networks on Mac.

The list of all the wireless networks will be shown on your screen and you need to select the individual networks. This way you can forget wireless networks on mac that have been connected before and which are not in use.

Forgetting Wireless Networks on Your Mac Right Away!

You can follow the above process for resolving network issues as well and not only for uncluttering your networks list. All of the network issues may not get solved by this method.

The other alternative options, if you face network issues are you can restart your Mac device. The next option is to update your macOS software to the latest firmware which can resolve your network issues.

If the issue still persists contact your Network Provider as the problem may not have any connection with your Mac device. This was our take on how you can forget the wireless networks on Mac. This way you can tidy up your networks list and keep the most used network for easy access.


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