How to Convert Kindle to PDF Easily

Kindle is a popular product from Amazon and eminent for its top-notch experience in providing e-books and devices around the world. Kindle doesn’t allow users to read their purchased books on other e-book readers. Nonetheless, if you are having difficulties in reading your purchased e-books from Kindle on other devices; we have a solution for you. You can convert a Kindle to PDF format with this simple and precise guide we baked personally for you. 

The main reason that other e-book readers cannot support Kindle books is that they are backed by a duo of formats which are MOBI and AZW. The conversion of Kindle book to PDF is an easy approach for reading or sharing your reading page with others on different electronic gadgets. There are plenty of file conversion tools available on the internet for MOBI and AZW to PDF files. So, without any delay; let’s check out those different conversion tools and techniques for Kindle to PDF.

How to Convert a Kindle to PDF

The Kindle as a device and platform has a unique and high level of protection for their e-books on Kindle devices. The hardware from Amazon for Kindle doesn’t allow any users to download and share the book. The users are required to go through a process that is necessary to download and convert the e-books. There is a catch here as the format of the e-books is either in MOBI or AZW formats.

These formats are mostly not supported by many operating systems because they are in Amazon’s proprietary formats. As a first and foremost step in the process for converting Kindle to PDF; you need to link one of your Kindle devices linked with your Amazon account. This step is crucial because we need to download your already purchased e-book before conversion. 

1. Downloading the AZW file from your Kindle account

Kindle to PDF: Download AZW file

There is a key thing to remember before downloading the e-book from the Kindle application and website. You need to link a Kindle device to your Amazon account. Even if you’ve read the book from the Kindle app. Still, you need to have a hardware Kindle linked to your Amazon account due to the Digital Right Management

You get an error message if you try to download the book without linking the Kindle device. The message states that “You have selected content that is not compatible with any of your registered devices.” Just to avoid these types of troubles while downloading the e-book from the Kindle, try to link any Kindle device on your Amazon account. 

  1. Head over to the website and log in with your account
  2. Select Account and click on Manage Content and Devices from the Digital Content and Devices list. 
  3. Now, click on the Three-dot menu of the Kindle book that you want to download. 
  4. From the list of options in the menu select the Download & Transfer Via USB
  5. You can see a pop-up window that requires you to select the Kindle device from the list of your devices. 
  6. Select any Kindle device linked to the account and click on the Download button.

Now that you have successfully downloaded your Kindle file, you can go ahead with the conversion process. You can have access to some of the best Kindle to PDF converters on the internet. The tools curated below work the same way and deliver the converted product in an easy way on your devices. Without further ado, let’s check out those converting tools for Kindle to PDF. 

2. Converting Kindle Book/AZW Files to PDF 

Using Calibre for Converting Kindle Books to PDF

Kindle to PDF: Calibre converter tool

The Calibre tool is a perfect eBook reader that supports multiple eBook formats like MOBI, HTML, PRC, and AZW. The interface is user-friendly with features that enhance your experience of reading digital books on your device. The tool has helped many e-book readers to organize and manage their books. 

Furthermore, the Calibre tool has some unique features such as altering an e-book using different graphics and images. The tool supports almost every single e-Reader and is compatible with more devices with the consequent updates. Overall, it’s a great tool and offers free and offline conversion of Kindle to PDF. 

Steps to Convert Kindle to PDF on Calibre tool

  1. Download the Calibre application from the website and install it.
  2. After installing open the Calibre application
  3. Click on the “Add books” option. 
  4. Locate the AZW/MOBI file you downloaded before and select the Open option.
  5. Click the option that says “Convert Books.” 
  6. Select the Input Format on the left, set it to AZW or MOBI based on the file format; select the output format as PDF on the right side of the window.
  7. Click OK to proceed with the conversion and the conversion is done.
  8. After conversion click on the Select the “Save PDF Format to Disk” option. 

You can follow the above steps on Calibre for converting the Kindle e-book to PDF file format on your Windows/macOS/ Linux machine.

Using Zamzar for Kindle to PDF Conversion (Web-Based)

Kindle to PDF: Zamzar tool

Zamzar is a web-based tool that has a variety of conversion options. The tools are known for their conversion of files such as documents, images, videos, and sound. The tool works from any device and anywhere as it doesn’t require you to download or install any file. 

The tool has come into play on the internet in 2006; since then they acquired millions of users on the platform. The easily navigable interface of the Zamwar tool is the best feature that lets any user convert their files in a jiff. 

Steps to Convert Kindle to PDF on Zamzar tool

  1. Open your browser on a PC and head over to the Zamzar website.
  2. Click on the “Add Files” option, and Select AZW or MOBI file.
  3. Click the Open option and upload the file, set the output format as PDF.
  4. Now, click on the Convert option to start the conversion process.
  5. Once the conversion completes, click on the Download to save the converted file.

As the whole process is offline you can even try the same process on Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The website should work fine on the Android and iOS browsers for converting the files.

Although, the converted file will be stored on Zamzar’s server for 24 hours. There is no need to worry about downloading the file instantly after the conversion. The file stays on the server and you can download it whenever you can in the time span of 24 hours

Using Kindle Converter tool for Kindle to PDF

Kindle to PDF: Kindle converter tool

Kindle Converter is an easy DRM / DRM-free ebook to PDF ePub Word formats converter. The user can not only read the e-books on this platform but has an option to print Kindle eBooks without DRM limitation. You can view the e-books without any fuss intended and can convert your MOBI or AZW format e-books easily using the converter feature. The main highlighting aspect of this tool is its high-quality PDF file conversion and no quality loss.

Steps to Convert Kindle to PDF on Kindle Converter tool

  1. Download the Kindle Converter tool on your computer and install the file. 
  2. Click the “Add Files” or “Add Folder” buttons on the top to upload your file.
  3. Now, choose the “PDF format” as the output format.
  4. Select your desired location to save converted files on the computer
  5. Click on the convert button and after a few seconds, your file is now converted successfully. 

That’s it, your Kindle file has been converted to a PDF file using the Kindle converter tool and eBook reader. The Kindle Converter is available on major platforms like Windows, macOS. You can perform the conversion on any of these platforms. 

Kindle Files to PDF Format has been Converted!

These were some of the best ways that we have hand-selected for the process of converting e-book Kindle to PDF format. There are many other tools and platforms on the internet that perform the same task. Albeit, the above-mentioned tools, and methods help you convert your purchased e-books easily on your computer or a browser. Hope you liked this curation for converting Kindle to PDF and if you have an even easier method comment down below. 

Feel free to comment your opinion on this post and let us know if you want us to cover any other topics of your choice.


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