How to Blur the Background in Zoom (Easy Method)

Want to hide your messy background in Zoom call? You can blur the background in Zoom and easily keep your privacy and give that perfect presentation on the virtual meeting. Numerous Zoom application users worldwide don’t have any custom backgrounds; they use this feature widely to blur their backgrounds.

In this article, we’ll discuss the process of using the blur effect in the background on Zoom. The teleconferencing software has provided the option to enable the background blur right before joining a meeting. The other way of the process can enable the blur effect while the Zoom meeting continues, where you won’t disconnect, and there would be no interruption in the call. Let’s check out both of these methods available to blur the background in Zoom for PC and Mobile.

How to Blur the Background in Zoom on a PC

You can Blur the Background in Zoom while attending a call or before attending the call in the first place. We will discuss both of these methods in this article, and the techniques will work on Windows, macOS, and Linux. There is a similar user interface on all the operating systems, which helps to benefit every PC user at the same time in applying this feature.

Enabling the Blur Background from Zoom Settings

Here, we will go through the Settings menu of the Zoom application to enable the blur effect on the background on PC.

1. Open Zoom and log in with the needed details.

Zoom Log in Page

2. Now, click on the ‘Settings’ icon found in the window’s top-right corner.

Zoom Settings icon

3. In the Settings menu, select the ‘Background & Filters’ option in the left pane.

Backgrounds and Filters on Zoom

4. The Virtual Background section contains multiple images that you can use to cover the background.

Blur the Background in Zoom

5. In the same section, you’ll find the “Blur” effect and click on that effect to apply.

Blur the Background in Zoom

6. This way, you can apply the blurred background in Zoom just before attending a call.

Using the Blur Background in Zoom while on a Call from PC

You can use the option to blur the background in Zoom with a few clicks, even after accepting or joining the virtual meeting on Zoom. This method will enable the blurred background in Zoom without declining an ongoing call from PC.

1. In the meeting screen of the Zoom, locate the Stop Video option, and you can find an upwards pointing sign right beside it.

2. Click on the up arrow right beside the stop video option.

Stop Video button menu on zoom

3. Here, select the Virtual Backgrounds option, which takes you to a different window.

Select Virtual Background

4. Click on the ‘Blur’ effect option, and voila—your background gets blurred while on a call.

Select Blur the Background in Zoom

How to Blur the Background in Zoom on Android and iOS

Blur the Background in Zoom feature will even work on the Mobile version. However, you cannot enable the feature before attending a call. The blurred background will work only for the ongoing call session on the Zoom mobile version.

1. Launch the Zoom on your device and log in to the application.

pen Zoom app on your mobile

2. Check that you are in a meeting or start a new meeting to make your background blur from your phone.

Create a new meeting or join a meeting on Zoom mobile

3. After entering into a meeting, you can see a screen that shows you a few controls on the bottom.

Meeting screen on Zoom mobile

4. In the bottom-right of these controls, select the three-dots ‘More‘ option.

Select the More option from the controls

5. Here, select the ‘Blur‘ in the backgrounds section.

Select Blur the Background in Zoom mobile

Keep your Privacy using the Blurred Background in Zoom

The blur effect for the background will cover any types of objects or walls in the background; while making a Zoom call, putting you in the forefront. Zoom provides three more backgrounds for the users apart from the blur effect discussed in the article. If you have a green screen or a background wall in a single color shade, you can try those out.

Furthermore, you can use a custom image in the background instead of blurring the background in the Zoom feature. Try out this feature, and let us know your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I not see the option to blur the background in Zoom?

The blur background option came as an added feature in updating the Zoom application for PC and Mobile users. The Windows users must feature the 5.5.0 (12454.0131) or higher. In contrast, the Mac users should have the 5.5.0 (12467.0131) or higher Zoom version. You can update the Zoom application by clicking on the Profile Icon with the drop-down list and selecting the Check for Updates option on PC. On the mobile, you can update Zoom on the Play Store in Android and App Store in iOS.

Why can I not use the blur option even after updating the Zoom?

Few users have faced this issue, where they have updated the application to the latest version and still couldn’t use this feature. There is no solution for this issue, but you can check whether your PC can support the blur background effect or not. You can disable the green screen check box in the Virtual Backgrounds section from the Zoom settings.

What is the resolution required for Blur Background in Zoom?

There’s no cap on the resolution required to Blur the Background in Zoom. The effect blurs all the other things in the background except you in the room. Provided that, the custom background image used on the Zoom should at least come with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels.

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