New Google Chrome 81 Beta Update Brings Web AR and NFC Support

All New Chrome 81 is Here!

Google has always remained ahead of its competitors in the “Game of browsers.” The internet giant has now released Chrome 81 beta for Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows. The update adds support for WebXR that enables browser-based augmented reality. Web developers can easily AR to users across platforms without relying on native apps. According to the reports, the framework was already present but wasn’t enabled by default.  This feature will make AR accessible to Chrome users once site authors use it.

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google chrome 2 - "Google Chrome 81 is here"

The AR feature will help users access features like web-based NFC. It means the framework will let mobile devices communicate with tappable gadgets, without using native apps, which is cool. Imagine loading up a webpage and paying your bill instead of downloading the entire app when the internet is slow. The usefulness will also depend on the site owners if they want to implement it.

Apart from that, Google has pushed bug fixes and has probably fixed the slow webpage loading speeds. This support for the ancient TLS 1.0 and 1.1 protocols that secure HTTPS traffic has been completely removed, and any site that still uses these formats will be labeled insecure. Websites have to use the newer TLS 1.3 protocol now, and we see all the significant websites doing so as soon as possible.

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Chrome is the most popular web browser of today. It is a joy to see new features being added with every release. We’re pretty sure that it’s going to remain number one if it continues to be like this. At this point, it looks like only a miracle can save other browsers from going extinct. Let us know which browser do you use?

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