Google Chrome 83 updates Incognito Mode, Privacy, and Security Settings

Google Chrome has released out a new version of 83 updates across all the desktop and mobile users around the world. This particular browser update has given rise for some of such nifty features, which would benefit the overall experience of users across every platform that runs this browser.

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The Google Chrome version 83 gets mainly focused on the user’s privacy and security settings for an enhanced safe browsing experience that would suffice the needs and would also protect the user from harmful viruses or cookies that would affect the experience. These types of updates have brought a good match for users to stick with Chrome as their primary browser.

Google Chrome New Features

Google Chrome 83 has presented a redesigned interface for its Incognito Mode, where the user can now automatically block the third-party cookies in the normal as well as in the private tab mode. The next necessary update is the site settings option, where now we can alter our permissions easily by two different divisions.

A new option gets added in the settings section named Safety Check, where the user can get an update about their passwords that are saved by Google Chrome. If the passwords that held in the browser are facing any security issues, this feature will intelligently caution the user about the specific password that got compromised.

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The Safety Check feature also helps users to identify any malicious extensions that get installed on the browser and also reminds users if the Safe Browsing option is toggled off by any chance that will ensure the untrust cookies not to enter the device. The other well-known browsers like Firefox have introduced this feature long ago.

The Google Chrome version 83 is applying some protective measures to prevent users from falling prey for Phishing Sites, Malicious websites, and downloads. They are pulling it off by introducing the Secure DNS feature, which works on top of HTTPS that mostly helps in these types of situations. This particular feature can be available in the Advanced Settings section in the Privacy and Security options.

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The update has also introduced a unique feature in the browser by helping users in integrating their tabs as they want it. The tab grouping feature has been in wait for a long time, and Google Chrome is finally bringing it in this update. With this feature, you can group up the tabs with a particular label and color for a cleaner user experience.

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The Google Chrome version 83 update can be done quickly with a few clicks. In the drop-down options, select the Help section and then click on the About Google Chrome option. The update section will automatically check for the latest version and updates it no time.

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