Google Chrome 100 Update Released for Desktop, Android, and iOS

Google Chrome 100 version has arrived and rolled out on all the platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. This new update from Google marks a milestone for the Chrome browser.

Chrome has improved in design and performance since its launch and now reigns the browser market, competing with other popular browsers.

Recently, the browser has even switched to the four-week cycle of updates from the six-week cycle for providing a more efficient and stable experience.

Chrome 100.0.4896.60 Update Changes and Improvements

The Google Chrome 100 update version has brought 28 security fixes and many more security-related features to the browser. Google has updated the browser’s parsing of cookie strings, which happens as it allows cookie domain attributes to be set to empty strings.

Moreover, the productivity levels have improved drastically since the new multiscreen window placement API launch. This new update has allowed the browser to support multiscreen devices, making the workflow more seamless.

The logo on the Chrome browser has got a slight redesign compared to the previous version, which features more vibrant colors.

Additionally, Google has introduced a few other security features, such as the Safety Check that securely maintains the passwords and autofill data. Moreover, the Enhanced Safe Browsing cautions the user regarding harmful websites, phishing websites, and password leaks beforehand.

Chrome New Logo 2022

The browser provides additional data about the permissions and cookies that the visiting websites possess. It gives a detailed overview in the lock icon section placed right beside the URL address bar.

The update doesn’t only with all positives, but Chrome has now removed the lite mode that helps in efficient data usage while browsing. The tech giant has taken this step as the data prices worldwide have decreased, and in general, the regular mode of Chrome doesn’t use up much data.

The Digital Goods API on CChrome has significantly helped users query and manage digital products to facilitate in-app purchases from web applications. The feature has even encouraged the users with Payment Request API and the Digital Goods API to make purchases more manageable.

The Google Chrome 100 version update is currently available for download, and you can initiate the download of the new update from Settings>>About Chrome, and the download will start automatically.

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