Flipkart Teaser Hints at Vaio Laptop’s Comeback in India

Due to the pandemic and the world moving on to Work from home and online education, laptops’ demand has increased, unlike other items. The sales for laptops have also spiked over the last couple of months. Vaio, which stayed out of the market for a couple of years now, is ready to make a comeback in India, to capitalize on this demand.

In 2014, Sony sold its laptop brand, Vaio, to the Japanese investment firm Japan Industrial Partners, to focus more on mobile devices. The company now plans to come back to India in partnership with Nexstgo, a Hong Kong-based company.

Flipkart Teases Vaio’s Comeback

Recently, Indian e-commerce giant, Flipkart, teased Vaio’s return with a poster. The poster doesn’t tell us anything about the price or launch date; instead, it hints at lightweight Vaio laptops.

Nexstgo and Vaio have also signed a license agreement for manufacturing, sales, marketing, and servicing these laptops in many international markets like India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, The Middle East, Macau, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Zee Business report dating to a few days back states that Vaio announced that it is all set to bring an unparalleled and seamless computing experience to the Indian market. Currently, there are no details about these new laptops. The report states that the brand will launch its first AMD model in January and another model designed for the modern office. The laptops will be available via Flipkart at launch.

Vaio will take on an existing player like Dell, Hp, Asus, and Lenovo. Whether these laptops are any good is yet to be seen.

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