How To Fix the “Sim Not Provisioned MM 2” Error

It’s not rare when you swap out sim cards and see the error “Sim Not Provisioned” or “SIM not Provisioned MM#2”. This error makes us frustrated for a reason. It is prevalent to see when you buy a new phone or a new SIM card. It is also common to register a new SIM card when the network isn’t available.

Below are a few tips for troubleshooting this error. The “Sim Not Provisioned MM2” comes with an easy fix, but what does this error mean? In this article, we’ll show you how to fix this error. You can rest assured that it won’t happen again.

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What Does “Sim Not Provisioned” Error Mean?

The ‘Sim Not Provisioned’ error frequently happens when it comes to SIM cards. Our SIM Cards contain information that helps with the identification of your mobile phone account. Thanks to the IMEI number that enables your phone to identify your mobile phone belongs to “you.” As a result, it lets you connect to the internet and make calls on the same.

This error signifies that your SIM card is having trouble connecting to the respective carrier network. Or we can put that; your carrier isn’t able to identify your mobile phone account through IMEI. It occurs with a newly registered SIM card and is fixable. If it happens at other times, your SIM Card might need a replacement.

SIM Not Provisioned error

When you see the “SIM Not Provisioned MM2” error, it can be the result of one of the following:

  • You purchased a new SIM card along with a new phone.
  • You are trying to transfer your contacts from the phone to the SIM card.
  • Your cellular provider’s network isn’t available.
  • You’re on an iPhone, and Apple’s server is offline.
  • Wrong placement of SIM card.

Other than these, you might face different issues as well. But that depends on the situation. For example, if you have a locked SIM Card, and you are trying to switch the SIM card to a different phone, then you might face the “SIM card not Valid” error. It can be fixed by unlocking your SIM card.

What Does “SIM Not Provisioned For Voice” Error Mean?

SIM Card not Provisioned for Voce error

Recently, there’s been an error recurring lately, which says “SIM not provisioned for voice.” This error frequently occurs in the Google Fi network. This error happens because Google Fi merges both the mobile data and WiFi network for voice calls. As a result of this error, you won’t be able to make any calls. However, the steps shown below can help you get out of this error.

What Does “SIM 2 Not Provisioned” Error Mean?

If you see the “SIM 2 not provisioned” error, you are likely on a dual SIM supported smartphone. Since each SIM slot comes with a different number, you might see “SIM 2 not provisioned” for error in SIM 2 or “SIM 1 not provisioned” for SIM 1. It won’t cause you much problem, though. You can fix these problems using the same steps mentioned below.

5 Simple Ways To Fix “SIM Not Provisioned” Errors

1. Restart Your Phone

This fix may look funny to you, but this works for some reason. The first thing to do when you see the “SIM not provisioned” error is to restart your mobile phone.

The process is different for each smartphone, and you should take the respective steps as per your smartphone. Once your phone restarts, this error message will no longer appear, and your SIM card should work usually.

2. Insert your SIM card properly

If the SIM activation isn’t the problem, then it’s probably your SIM card’s misfit. If that’s the case, then you should turn off your phone and eject the SIM card from its respective slot. Once you take out the SIM card, look for any damages on the SIM card. If possible, you should clean the SIM card’s contact points with a soft cloth. Re-insert your SIM card, and it should get rid of the “SIM not provisioned” error message.

Fix SIM Not Provisioned Error: Re insert SIM Card Properly

If still not fixed, it must be the poorly designed SIM card, and you might need to get it replaced. If not, then insert your SIM card properly. You need to look for the illustration next to the slot and insert the SIM accordingly. Once done, restart your phone again, and you should not see the “SIM not provisioned” error.

3. Activate your SIM card

Most of the time, the SIM card activates 24 hours after inserting it into a new phone. If it isn’t activated, you will see the “SIM not provisioned” error. If the SIM isn’t activated after 24 hours as well, you can do either of these steps to Activate it:

  • Call an automated number.
  • Send an SMS.
  • Login to the carrier’s activation page or website.

You can do these to activate your SIM card. If you still face the same problem, you can ask the carrier’s customer care to activate your SIM card. Once the SIM card is activated, you shouldn’t see this error anymore.

4. Contact Your Carrier or Service Provider

If you don’t have your SIM activated, you’ll keep seeing the same “SIM not provisioned” error message. If that’s the case, you shall contact your carrier or service provider using another phone or SIM card. Once called, explain to them the steps you took to fix the problem.

It should be the issue with the activation server, which causes the “SIM not provisioned” error. As a result of the conversation, the service provider will fix the problem with their activation server.

After a long conversation, customer care will look through the problem. If it is the activation server issue, then you might get a delayed SIM card activation. On the other hand, you’ll have a proper reason for the error and a date to get your problem fixed.

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5. Get a new SIM card

If the above steps fail to resolve your problem, it’s time that you request a new SIM card. Probably an eSIM for convenience, if your phone is compatible. You should call your network for this, but it would be much easier and comfortable to visit a local phone shop. A much better option could be a visit to the nearest branch of your carrier or network.

Fix SIM Not Provisioned Error: Get New SIM card

They will look for the problems on your SIM card and probably fix your “SIM not provisioned MM2” error. You shouldn’t panic if they repeat the same processes above. If you’re lucky enough, the problem might get solved in an instance. Otherwise, you’ll get a new SIM card from the same carrier. They’ll have the appropriate tools to swap SIM cards.

The “SIM Not Provisioned MM#2” Error is Fixed!

The above steps will work if you have a working and undamaged SIM card and SIM slot. If both are good to go, the above fixes will work flawlessly. By this time, you must have understood what’s “SIM not provisioned MM2” means and how does it affect your SIM card. To conclude the part, when you see this error, all you have to do is:

  • Restart your phone
  • Insert your SIM card properly.
  • Activate your SIM card
  • Contact your Network Provider
  • Get a new SIM card

We hope these simple fixes have solved your problem with the “SIM not provisioned” error. Once you get everything in the right place, you shall see your SIM card working without any issues.

If you have any further issues regarding this problem, ask them in the comments below. We will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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