What is Discord Nitro? Features and Price

Discord Nitro is a paid subscription service that unleashes many advanced and useful features for users. Discord has become a sensation in the VoIP calling market applications and catered to many users apart from the gaming community. Although, most users use the platform as a medium to communicate with their teammates in a gaming session. 

Discord Nitro with its quirky features will make the experience for the users to the next level with additional features cocooned inside the package. There are features like text, video, and screen streaming that helps to explain ideas elaborately. Apart from gamers, Discord has become a successful platform for many creators; for discussing and connecting with their followers. 

Want to know if you need a Nitro subscription? Is it worth buying one? Let’s check those grabbing points for the Nitro subscription on Discord.  

What is Discord Nitro and its Price?

Discord Nitro, a paid subscription that provides a bunch of add-ons for the already prevalent users. The subscription gives you a hoard of features onboard that can enhance your servers on the application even more compared to the free version. 

Prices - Discord Nitro

Although, the free version is quite good for beginners but for the users that feel the limitations. Nitro version is for you as the subscription breaks all the limitations that you face on your servers and provides you a full-loaded feature-rich experience. 

The paid subscription of Discord Nitro starts at $9.99 a month, or $99.99 a year. There is a different plan for users that feel the above price is higher. Discord provides a cheaper Classic version of Nitro that starts at $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

Nitro vs Free Version of Discord

The features that you find on the subscribed version of the voice chatting platform and not on the free version are many. The first and foremost feature is the Emojis because you cannot use the same emoji from one room server to another. This barrier can cut loose on the Nitro by collecting or making your custom emojis sharing them on different servers. Apart from these, you can upload bigger files up to 100MB or more and get an exclusive badge when you support the platform for a prolonged time. 

In the Nitro, you can easily customize the channel with custom-made emoji GIFs and avatars. The free version has fewer or no customization ability on the servers. The other befitting quirk of the Nitro in Discord is its Streaming Quality. You can stream HD video as well as screen-sharing on your servers. On the contrary, the free version cannot make a live video in HD quality. All these features unlock through Server Boosts on the paid subscription.

What are Server Boosts? and their Perks

Server Boosts is a feature that lets you explore new and exclusive perks of the discord on the server. Moreover, you can even share those perks with your users on the servers. Discord will provide you with a badge monthly when you boost your server consequently for a significant time. The badge perks have different levels and with each level, you unlock exclusive perks on your server. 

Suppose you are a Discord Nitro user and your server is boosted with two boosts, the server gets unlocked into Level 1 Perks. These perks include 50 additional emoji slots (max 100), boosted Go Live game streaming to 720p@60FPS and higher, boosted 128Kbps audio quality, server icon, and invite customization. These were the perks you get when the server is unlocked to level 1.

Discord Nitro - Features

The Level 2 Perks on the server when unlocked are extra 50 server emojis (max 150), 1080p@60GPS Go Live game streaming; a custom server banner, 256Kbps audio quality, and a 50MB limit for direct file uploads. Although, you need to have 15 server boosts to unlock the Level 2 Perks on the server. The next Level up which is the Level 3 Perks unlocks with 30 server boosts from users.

The Level 3 Perks includes an additional 100 emoji slots (max 250), a 100MB file upload limit; audio quality at 384Kbps, and a custom server URL. These were all about the Levels of the servers and their perks unlocked at different levels with the Server Boosts. Discord even provides a 30% off for users after the purchase of a Nitro subscription.

How to Buy Discord Nitro? [PC and Mobile]

The voice chatting platform, Discord as you all know works on both Desktop and Mobile with the same type of design on both platforms. Now, you have known all the features and advantages of owning the Nitro subscription on Discord. We can check out the process of purchasing the Discord Nitro on your devices. It’s easy to purchase a Nitro subscription on PC and Mobile. 

Subscribing for Discord Nitro on Discord Desktop

  1. Open the Discord application and log in with your credentials.
    Discord Nitro
  2. Click on the Log-Shaped icon at the bottom of the chats for User Settings
    Discord Nitro
  3. In the Billing Settings section, Select Discord Nitro from the list and subscribe to Nitro.

Subscribing for Nitro on Discord Mobile 

  1. Open the Discord application and sign in with your account
  2. Select your Profile on the bottom right of the Discord menu. 
  3. Scroll down and in the Nitro settings, select Subscribe Today.
Discord Nitro
Select your Profile from the Discord App.
Discord Nitro Subscription
Go to Nitro Settings and Select Subscribe Today
Discord Nitro Page
Subscribe to Discord Nitro

Apart from subscribing to the Nitro on your Discord account, you can even “Gift” Nitro to your loved ones and friends. You can find the Gift option right beside the subscribe button of Nitro. 

Should you get Discord Nitro?

Discord is a perfect application for staying connected with your friends and teammates in a game. The subscription is a beneficial purchase for users that take full advantage of Discord’s servers with file sharing, emojis, GIFs, avatars, and live streaming. There are tons of creators around the world that take full utility of these features from Discord. 

You can unlock many exclusive perks and interact even better with your users if you own a server. The users can boost the server they are present in and level up themselves which makes it a win-win situation.

FAQs on Discord Nitro

What is Discord Nitro?

Discord Nitro is a paid subscription that provides a bunch of add-ons and perks based on levels to the users and owners of the servers.

How much is Discord Nitro?

The paid subscription of Nitro starts at $9.99 a month, or $99.99 a year and the Nitro Classic starts at $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

How to cancel Discord Nitro?

You can cancel your Nitro subscription at any time by pressing the Cancel button in your Nitro Payment information screen.


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