BlackBerry About To Die? TCL Discards The Name “BlackBerry”.

There is no denying the fact that the era of the BlackBerry Curve and Bold phones was golden. The phones were considered to be a standard for the rich before the outbreak of better phones. It is pretty sad to see the company disappearing and appearing by partnering with TCL.  Now, TCL communication has announced that it will be dropping the name. What does this mean?

Is this the end of BlackBerry?

The manufacturer will no longer make phones by the name “Blackberry.”  There are still many fans of fans who are awestruck after this news. The last phone from the company was Key 2, and it ended up being a flop too.

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TCL won’t be selling BlackBerry devices after August 31, 2020, and now has no right to “design, manufacture or sell any new mobile devices.”

blackberry death

It will continue to support warranties for devices till August 31, 2022, and we assume there will be no further software updates based on the current situation. The name “BlackBerry” is now in an unpredictable condition. For the brand to survive, the only way is for other companies to step forward and take it which and the chances are slim.

The problem with BlackBerry was, it never learned from its major mistakes. It was at one stage one of the world’s biggest phone brands, selling over 50 million new handsets in 2011. The company has always struggled to keep up with the Android and iOS competition. They did ditch BB OS and adopted Android, but they were too late in the game.

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