The 8 Best Wireless Keyboards for Professionals and Gamers

Having the Best Wireless Keyboard on your desk helps in a clutter-free experience while completing tasks. The absence of a cord running through the desk rules out the hassle of keeping the setup clean and tying the wires in one place. The wireless keyboards serve this purpose enticingly, and having one on the desk becomes no less than a luxury. 

Keeping all the benefits asides, the market for wireless peripherals has grown in a big way in the last decade. The keyboard section of the wireless market provides you with a variety of options uniquely serving each individual. Recognizing the purpose and usage of each user with different wireless keyboards, we have curated a list of the Best Wireless Keyboards available right now in the US market.

Best Wireless Keyboards for PC 2022

1. Logitech K780 

Logitech K780 - Best Wireless Keyboard

We can consider K780 from Logitech as the most adaptable keyboard that you can ever find, which has both portability and minimalistic features at the same time. The keyboard evolves into a 2-in-1 gadget that can connect to PC and Android devices. This makes switching from one device to another convenient and effortless with just a button, making it suitable for multitaskers. 

The keyboard’s design involves a circular top on the keys, which may not cater to many users. However, giving a reasonable amount of time will make the users get used to the unique keys. The keyboard even comes with a tray right above; that has practicality for placing usual stationers or a device like a smartphone or a tablet on the tray. The K780 comes as the best wireless keyboard to fulfill your typing requisite, working on Bluetooth or a USB dongle.

Logitech K780 Price: $64.78

2. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro - Best Wireless Keyboard for gamers

The Razer BlackWindows V3 Pro comes as the best gaming wireless keyboard available in the present times. This full-size keyboard from the gaming brand comes with a full-height mechanical keyboard and double shot ABS plastic key caps. You can hear every click and clack of the cap, which brings a sense of satisfaction while typing and gaming. 

BlackWidow V3 Pro has a unique leatherette magnetic wrist rest that features memory profiles of four different slots for different individuals. The keyboard connects to your system in three ways, including Razer HyperSpeed wireless, Bluetooth, and USB-C cable. It’s a keyboard that appeals to every user but leans more towards the gaming enthusiasts, with RGB lighting making it the best wireless keyboard for gaming.

BlackWidow V3 Pro Price: $179.99

3. Corsair K63

Corsair K63 - Best Wireless Keyboard for Professionals

You can consider the Corsair K63 compact keyboard option for low-desk space users, just like the Logitech K780. However, the peripheral has a premium touch in the design and the inclusion of Cherry MX red axis keys for more click action while typing. Unlike the Razer’s BlackWidow V3 Pro, even the K63 from Corsair has the palm resting area along with the blue backlighting.

The higher pricing of the K63 makes users hesitate to choose the keyboard over the cheaper options. However, the premium quality, multimedia keys, and the build will make it a worthy purchase decision after use. 

Corsair K63 Price: $116.55

4. Logitech MK540 

Logitech MK540 - Best Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The scouting for your all-task-ready wireless keyboard ends here with introducing the MK540 combo set of keyboard and mouse. These wireless peripherals from the brand feature a tactile design, allowing for an effortless typing experience. Although the keyboard doesn’t have the mechanical sham of other keyboards, the feel of the keys gives a solid sense. 

The keyboard comes with a palm resting area, but doesn’t have any padding or leatherette like the other options in the list. You can blindly go with the MK540 from Logitech, known for its affordable pricing and the best wireless keyboard in the class, along with a mouse.  

Logitech MK540 Price: $59.99

5. Logitech MX Mini

Logitech MX Mini - Best Wireless Keyboard for Small Spaces

The MX Mini from Logitech is the most touted compact keyboard in the market that covers the space evenly with keys. Apart from the number pad, the design is similar to the K780 and K380 series with the concave Chiclets style keys, making them the best wireless keyboards with Bluetooth and USB connectivity. 

The three-device connectivity comes as a bonus for seamlessly copy-pasting things from one device to another, along with the backlighting. The function key and the emoji key give it a complete feel and other shortcuts on the function key, such as the microphone on/off.

Logitech MX Mini Price: $137.99

6. Microsoft Surface Wireless Keyboard

Microsoft Surface Keyboard - Best Wireless Keyboard for Surface

The Surface line-up from Microsoft has a wide range of devices, including laptops and 2-in-1 tablets. Matching these devices’ color and design aesthetics, the Surface Wireless Bluetooth-only keyboard fits perfectly for a Surface device. 

The build of the keyboard includes a blend of aluminum and plastic with chiclet-style keys for a comforting experience while typing. The design, however, looks like an Apple Magic keyboard but works way better, making it one of the best wireless keyboards in contemporary times. 

Microsoft Surface Wireless Keyboard Price: $104.64

7. Corsair K83

Corsair K83 - Best Wireless Media Keyboard

Corsair K83 does not come under your typical PC keyboard, but takes the convenience a level further. The inclusion of a touchpad makes it a perfect companion for connecting to a Smart TV or a setup box by keeping the media keyboard on the lap. 

Apart from this, the connectivity of multiple devices will help switch devices whenever necessary. The switching of devices comes with 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth connectivity, which certainly made it the best wireless keyboard around for media use.

Corsair K83 Price: $99.99

8. Logitech Ergo K860 Split Keyboard

Logitech Ergo K860 - Best Wireless Split Keyboard

We haven’t mentioned the most ergonomic keyboard available in the market until now for the best wireless keyboard list. Let’s check out the Ergo K860 Wireless Keyboard from the brand, which completes the wireless setup and the ergonomic needs of the users with a split design. 

The Ergo K860 wireless full keyboard has all the traditional conditions that a typical keyboard should have, along with an ergonomic design. The pain of wrists while working on a long project will certainly not show up with the Ergo K860 keyboard. The unique split design and the inclination right in the middle give it the title for the Best Wireless Keyboard with the proper ergonomics.

Logitech Ergo K860 Split Price: $175.99

Pick the Best Wireless Keyboard for Your Needs

The main USP of the Wireless Keyboard for many users comes with convenience and connectivity. These were some of our hand-picked best wireless keyboards, loads of options for each user. 

Selecting a keyboard becomes more of a personal thing, with the use case changing for each individual. You can go for the RGB keyboards if you are a gamer and a standard keyboard without a number pad if you have less space on the desk.


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