Best Torrent Search Engines & Abyss Websites on the Internet

Many Torrent Search Engines and other websites are away from the standard searches you make. Internet is a real place if you have typical requirements and kinky as it gets when you feel adventurous. The keywords searched on Google and Bing give the exact information and hide the rest of the dark phases on the internet. These websites show you additional data filled with exciting stuff for free with safety in the republic of the internet. In this article, we will explore the content that is away from the regular searches. You can come through some weird and informative stuff from these websites.

These websites or search engines give you a more diverse look at dark things on the internet. You can visit these torrent search engine sources and websites mentioned as legal, and they don’t bring you any fuss. On these websites, you can get some of the most premium data such as e-books, software, web series, and every content that you need for free of cost. Moreover, apart from torrent search engines, we will also mention other dark web websites that feature properties, deals, and bargains for reasonable prices.

3 Best Torrent Search Engines

1. 1337x

torrent search engine - 1337x

The 1337x website is a top-rated torrent search engine in the torrent space of the internet. It is a directory with relevant content in the torrent format, founded in 2007, and has been serving users without any hiccups since then. The website has a great collection of movies and web series. But, the website gets blocked by Google from showing up on the search query.

Many proxy links for the site helps you access this website. This issue is due to the website getting hit by tight controls of government agencies. You cannot visit this torrent search engine from countries like the UK, Australia, and India as government agencies and ISPs have blocked the website. But still, you can visit from the US or use a VPN to visit the website.

2. The Pirate Bay

torrent search engine - the pirate bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the best torrent search engines for its high categories to navigate. You can find vast amounts of content bundled in up to hundreds of pages on its pages. Founded in 2003 by Swedish guys, the website has served millions of users.

Besides, governments shut down many other torrent sites due to pressure from government agencies. The pirate bay torrent search engine was running perfectly, providing service to users seeking content. Several governments banned Pirate Bay over time, leading users to look for Pirate Bay proxies.

The categories provided on the website are “Audio,” “Video,” “Applications,” “Games,” and “Other.” However, even this site was banned for a certain period but switched to a series of new web addresses to continue operating.

3. Lime Torrents

torrent search engine - lime torrents

LimeTorrents is another most popular torrent search engine among the other widely famous websites on the internet. Furthermore, the website even has a wide range assortment of files and content in the form of torrents. Their backend is not much advanced and doesn’t have a cutting-edge database. Still, Limetorrents has sometimes outshined other torrent search engines in the game.

There are almost many proxy websites available for Limetorrents as it fulfills the users’ needs in the right way. The categories of this search engine feature movies, TV shows, and Anime that many people tend to watch worldwide. Although this type of torrent website faces legal terms for piracy issues but even possesses some genuine content.

Search Engines with Freebies, Deals, and Bargains

1. Craigslist

torrent search engine - craigslist

Craigslist is a medium where you can find classified advertisements with housing, sale, items wanted, services, community service, gigs, devoted to jobs, résumés, and discussion forums. Here, you can get great deals on every product, property, or daily stuff. Instead of going to the market to buy something, there is a separate free section on the website.

This free section in the for sale category shows you different things to choose from the list. There is no other better option than browsing on Craigslist search engine or stuff you require free of cost. It helps you lessen the items filling in the land as you are not purchasing a new piece and reusing the older ones. This search engine is an excellent match if you want free stuff.

2. Bargains on Facebook

torrent search engine - marketplace

Facebook is a great place to socialize and connect with people, as we have used it for a long time. Not only messaging but Facebook has introduced a marketplace on the networking website for more convenience to the users. On this marketplace, you can find everything just like Craigslist. Users can see the picture of the product for genuine deals.

Furthermore, the marketplace search engine has many more free items listed, making it even more recommendable. These free listings shown on the marketplace are from your neighboring streets, making it even more convenient. Moreover, you can change the location for the items you check or the value of these items from minimum to maximum.

3. Prospector

torrent search engine - prospector

Are you looking for a search engine that only shows you free stuff?. Unlike the marketplace for Facebook and Craigslist, Prospector offers you all the free items and things that you need on the website.

The site boasts thousands of links to websites that offer free file hosting, free stock photos, and free applications. You can even find stuff like free contests, free email accounts, and many other services that are free to grab on the search engine.

Bonus: UFO Stalker

UFO Stalker is the weirdest but most entertaining website to look at and experience. The platform has an interactive map setting that shows recent UFO sightings. You can even read the stats on the sightings witnessed in a week, month, and year. 

A floating UFO icon shows up on the location on the map featuring recent sightings. Along with these, you can even find a black triangle. The black triangle here represents a black triangle UFO, a stealth fighter.

Torrent Search Engines and Dark Places of Internet

Here we go, our list of torrent search engines present and running on the internet. Due to easy access, the torrent culture had a giant leap in recent times. Although, many of the websites find it guilty of piracy and other illegal issues. The torrent search engines are mostly pretty safe and helpful in finding those favorite animes to watch. You can even see the premium versions of some software for Windows and macOS on these search engines.

There are browsers such as “Tor,” which lets you access the darker areas of the internet. The websites mentioned above for bargains, deals, and free stuff are just the tip of the iceberg in the internet space. We hope you find the article informative and has opened your way of browsing the internet in a broader approach.

Feel free to comment your opinion on this post and let us know your weirdest and most indistinct browsing experience on the internet.


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