12 Best Discord Servers You Should Join!

With more than 6.7 million servers and 150 million monthly users, Discord is the most popular gaming chat service. Today we are here to show you the 12 Best Discord Servers you should join.

After its launch on 13 May 2015, Discord quickly grew to be one of the best, if not the best, gaming chat services. Due to its polished and straightforward User Interface, advanced feature set, no other gaming chat service could match its popularity. Now, Discord is used for more than just games. Due to many users and servers, you’ll find something you like on Discord.

Best Discord Servers to Try in 2021

1. Movies and Filmmaking

With more than 24,000 members, Movies and Filmmaking is one of the largest and the best discord server for all things Movies, TV Shows, Filmmaking, and more. Due to the sheer number of members, there is always someone to talk to about movies and TV shows you like.

Best Discord Servers: Movies and Filmmaking

The server also has different channels for different genres so that you can talk to like-minded people easily. If you are a filmmaker, then the server has separate channels, including Post Production, Learning Resources, Cinematography, and more. If you love to watch movies, TV shows, or be a filmmaker, then Movies and Filmmaking is one of the best discord servers.

2. ChillZone

ChillZone is one of the largest and most active servers without a topic. With almost 300,000, the chat never dies, and you will always find someone to talk to and chill. ChillZone is the best discord server if you are bored and want to meet new people and talk about things you like.

Best Discord Servers: ChillZone

Every day, someone or other streams a game they’re playing in one of the voice channels you can easily watch if you are bored. Even if ChillZone is not your thing, they partner with 1000s for other small and big servers with specific topics that you can join. ChillZone’s three different general channels allow members to have conversations on various topics at the same time. If you want to chill or find more servers with fewer members and a defined topic, then ChillZone is one of the best discord servers to join.

3. Minecraft

Discord started as a gaming chat service, and gaming servers are still some of the most prominent and active servers on Discord. Some of the best discord servers are based on gaming.

If you are a gamer, then you must have heard of Minecraft. Minecraft is one of the most played games in the world. It is also the bestselling game in the world, beating GTA V by a considerable margin. In the gaming world, Minecraft is a classic and is played by gamers of all ages.

Best Discord Servers: Minecraft

The official Minecraft Discord server is just what you would expect it to be, a massive group of people who love Minecraft. The server has different channels such as “Minecraft,” “Survival Discussion,” “Java Mechanics,” “Community Support,” and many more. There’s also a Q&A section to help newbies with their questions on Minecraft.

4. Anime Soul

If you love Anime, then Anime Soul is one of the best Discord servers to join to discuss Anime. With 600,000 members, Anime Soul is one of the most considerable Discord Servers related to Anime. Due to many members, the chat never dies, and there is always someone to talk about Anime.

Best Discord Servers: AnimeSoul

The server has different channels. There are several “Anime Chats” so that you can have other conversations at once. The server also has separate channels for Genshin Impact, Manga, Naruto, and Attack on Titan. If you are interested in technology, Anime Soul also has a unique channel for discussing tech. There are also separate channels on food, sports, art, etc., so that you can discuss more than just Anime.

5. r/gamedev

Like Movies and Filmmaking, r/gamedev is a discord server created mainly to share your work and help each other. While it doesn’t have the 24,000 members that Movies and Filmmaking does, r/gamedev’s respectable 16,500 members mean that you will be able to get the help you need. The r/gamedev is a discord server that provides more real-time feedback and helps compared to the r/gamedev subreddit. This discord server mainly helps game developers to have a shared space to get feedback, help with some code, or share their work.

Best Discord Servers: GameDev

The server has different channels like “show off your stuff,” “project list,” “general,” etc. There are also servers based on individual technologies like “unity,” “unreal,” “godot,” and more. r/gamedev is one of the best if not the best discord server if you are a game developer.

6. r/apple

If you are an Apple user or are planning to buy an Apple device, then r/apple is one of the best discord servers. Like r/gamedev, r/apple is also a Reddit-based Discord server offering more real-time advice and chats. With more than 60,000 members, you always have someone to talk to about Apple devices, or you can ask for purchase advice if you are on the fence about buying an Apple device.

Best Discord Servers: r/apple

There are different channels for iPadOS, iOS, macOS, and more. The r/apple is a great server and one of the best discord servers to join if you need help with your Apple devices or talk about Apple.

7. Marvel Studios

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most popular Superhero Universe, so there is a good chance you like Marvel or have seen some Marvel movies. If that is the case, then Marvel Studios is one of the best discord servers to join. With more than 47,000 members, Marvel Studios is one of the largest and most active servers based on Marvel.

Best Discord Servers: Marvel Studios

Like any other Discord server, Marvel Studios has the typical “general,” “off-topic,” “spoiler” channels. The Marvel Studios Discord server also has a “fan content” channel for you to post edits or anything you make for more than 47,000 members to see. Even if you are not the biggest fan of Marvel, the server has some Non-MCU channels where you can discuss different games, movies, TV shows, etc.

8. Weeb Empire

Another very active Anime server, Weeb Empire, is one of the best Discord servers to join if you like Anime or anything Japanese. With more than 150,000 members, Weeb Empire has a very active “general” channel where the chat never dies. In the general channel alone, there are more than 3.6 million messages.

Best Discord Servers: Weeb Empire

The server also has channels to share your content, like art or things you own in real life. The server also has a bot category where you can play with bots like Dank Memer, Pokemeow, Karuta, and many more.


With more than 70,000 members, the official XBOX Discord server is a chill and friendly place to talk about all things XBOX and meet new people who like XBOX as much as you do. You can find game deals on the XBOX server and share your achievements; you can also find other people to play games with you.

Best Discord Servers: XBOX

The XBOX server also allows you to find other official servers related to XBOX, like the Microsoft Flight Simulator server or the Bethesda Studios server. There are different channels to discuss various topics like “XBOX Game Pass,” “XBOX Cloud Games,” “Third Party Games,” and many more. If you are into the XBOX world, then the official XBOX server is one of the best Discord servers to join.

10. PlayStation

With more than 85,000 members, PlayStation is one of the largest, if not the largest unofficial Discord Server to discuss PlayStation. It is one of the best Discord servers to join if you own a PlayStation. Although not an official server, the chat never dies due to the significant number of members, and you can talk to someone any time of day.

Best Discord Servers: PlayStation

The server has different channels for both the PS5 and the PS4. Like the XBOX server, you can find new people to play your favorite games. The server also has a channel to review different games you have played to help others. Overall, the PlayStation Discord server is a great place to chill and chat about PS.

11. The Car Community

Over the years, cars have been topics of discussion everywhere around the world. With more than 22,000 members, The Car Community is a great place to talk about cars. Whether you are interested in supercars or luxury cars, The Car Community has a place to talk about anything related to cars.

Best Discord Servers: The Car Community

The server also has a separate channel to talk about motorsports if you are interested in that. You can also post pictures of your IRL (In Real Life) cars. The car community is one of the best Discord servers to talk about cars, and you should join it if you are interested in cars.

12. Frogs Dream World

With more than 100,000 members, Frog’s Dream World is one of the last and most considerable global emote servers. Global emotes, or Globals, are emotes you can use in any server without nitro, the only condition being that you need to be in the server supplying the emotes. Frogs Dream World boasts of over 30 global emotes, which you can use all over Discord, and it is one of the best Discord Servers to join for emotes.

Best Discord Servers: Frogs Dream World

Frog’s Dream World is interconnected to other servers such as Slippy’s Dream World or Skarz Dream World, global emote servers like Frog’s Dream World. Apart from emotes, the server is also a great place to talk and relax with different people.

Enjoy These Amazing Discord Servers

We hope you liked our list of the Best Discord Servers to join. Discord has more than 6.5 million active servers, so that you can join many other servers apart from these. Most YouTubers nowadays also have Discord Servers like MKBHD. If you would like to recommend a Discord server, you can do it in the comments below.

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