10 Best Android Apps for June 2020 [Free + Paid]

One of the best aspects of Android is its wide range of applications on the Play Store. Give it or take it, but Android users more and more new apps emerging on the Play Store day by day. As the applications keep appearing, we’ve made them a part of our daily lifestyle. We can’t live without the best Android apps on our smartphones. The requirements for apps vary from one person to another.

For the cause, you set on a journey to discover some best Android apps personalized for you. But it is a burden to find some useful apps. But never worry, Tech Baked is here to the rescue. At Tech Baked, we pledged to bring you new and best Android apps every month. The same story continues this month as well. So without any delaying further, let’s jump right into the best Android apps for June 2020. Some of the apps mentioned in this list may be known to you, but most of them are entirely new to the Play Store.

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Best Android Apps (June 2020)

1. YourHour

YourHour - Best Android Apps for June 2020

When was the last time you picked up your phone? Well, it might be a minute ago, or even you are reading this on your smartphone. Have you ever felt an addiction towards your smartphone such that you can’t also focus on your work correctly? Well, that’s why YourHour app is for you. If your will power isn’t enough to detox you from phone addiction, then a digital way is what you can opt.

YourHour is a phone addiction detox app that helps you control your phone addiction and live your life with more joy. It’ll show you how much you used your phone, and the number of times you unlocked it too. The app measures your usage over a week and gives you an accurate representation of your phone addiction. It shows you how much time did you use an app. Give it a try if you would like to measure and stop your phone addiction.

[appbox googleplay com.mindefy.phoneaddiction.mobilepe]

2. Splitsub

Splitsub - Best Android Apps for June 2020

Subscriptions sharing is a norm these days. It’s very efficient and cost-cutting too. But there should be an efficient way to do this as well, right? Splitsub is an app that can share your subscriptions with your friends. The pricing will be justified as well, so no cheating here. Splitsub will share the account password once the payment gets done. It supports various subscription apps like Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more.

It has encrypted support that the subscriptions get shared with your contacts only. With the payment integration, you would never miss a payment on time. Splitsub also has an option for credit gifting if your friends don’t have any debit or credit card. The app is bound to improve in the future, making it one of the best Android apps on our list. If you want to share your subscriptions as well, give Splitsub a try.

[appbox googleplay org.teqop.Splitsub]

3. UnApp

UnApp - Best Android Apps for June 2020

There must have been a time when you thought of uninstalling multiple apps to free your space on your phones. In the end, you’ve to go through all the hassle to select and uninstall each app. You can rest now, and leave the majority of work to UnApp. UnApp is a batch uninstaller app that can uninstall multiple apps at once on your Android device.

UnApp doesn’t even need root access to work well. You can use it without worrying about root access. To uninstall apps, just check all the boxed and tap Uninstall to start uninstalling the selected apps. The app is completely free to use. There is also an in-app purchase that unlocks the premium version. The Premium version of the app contains Dark and AMOLED Dark themes. Taking a look at its functionality, we thought to add it to our list of best Android apps for June 2020.

[appbox googleplay vladyslavpohrebniakov.uninstaller]

4. Wavelet

Wavelet - Best Android Apps for June 2020


When you purchase a new pair of earphones or headphones, it’s quite tough to tune them to be just right. If you’re an audiophile, you would want that. Some smartphones offer equalization features, while others don’t. That’s where Wavelet comes into action. Wavelet is an equalizer app that has presets for every single earphone out there.

Wavelet has a great Material Design interface, which is very easy to use. It comes with a 9-band equalizer, and you’ll get support for most of the earphones out there. I like the Full Package features, which include Bass Booster, Bass Tuner, Reverberation, and much more. Wavelet is one of the best Android apps on the list as an equalizer app. Give it a try if you are a hardcore audiophile.

[appbox googleplay com.pittvandewitt.wavelet]

5. Walpy

Walpy - Best Android Apps for June 2020

Walpy is a wallpaper, as the name suggests. If you love to see a new wallpaper every day or whenever you charge your phone, Walpy can do it for you. The source of the wallpapers is Unsplash, so you’ll get to see a new vibe every day. That’s why we had to add it to the best Android apps for this month.

Walpy also lets you change the wallpaper on your preferred time. It gives you options based on WiFi, while charging, and idle too. Interestingly, you can also let Walpy figure out the right time to change your wallpaper based on your usage. I think it’s a nice little addition to the app that keeps you not worry about a new wallpaper every day if you are a fan of customization. Give it a try, and thank us later.

[appbox googleplay com.feresr.walpy]

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6. GlassWire

Glasswire - Best Android Apps for June 2020

GlassWire is an app that monitors your data usage. It keeps you posted about your data usage so that you can be aware of data limits. It helps you much more if your mobile data plan is limited. It also shows you how much data the apps on your phone are consuming. You will get notified instantly if any app tries to use data or WiFi. You can also set up automatic data limits per-app basis, so you don’t lose much data.

GlassWire is great when it comes to blocking suspicious apps that behave abnormally in your absence. There might have been times when an app updates automatically without your consent or even when apps try to download something in the background. It is convenient at such times. I use GlassWire on my smartphone, and luckily, it’s also available on the Windows platform too. It is one of the best Android apps for June 2020, without a doubt.

[appbox googleplay com.glasswire.android]


JQBX - Best Android Apps for June 2020

During this quarantine time, it might be hard for you to have a party with your friends. Sometimes it’s better to listen to music with friends too. JQBX makes it possible for you in these hard times. JQBX lets you listen to music with your friends and even strangers around the world. One more thing I like about is its DJ feature that lets you create a DJ party or even join other’s party.

You can even chat with the people around the world and friends to share your thoughts on the music. With all the good stuff, there’s a catch as well. It requires a Spotify account to work, and the other person should have one too. Spotify is one of the popular and best Android apps when it comes to music around the world. JQBX is no exception, either. JQBX takes the capabilities of Spotify to the next level, and you’ll love it. JQBX has thus made to our list of the best Android apps for June 2020.

[appbox googleplay com.jqbx]

8. République

République - Best Android Apps for June 2020

République is the first game on our list of the best Android apps for June 2020. It is a stealth-action game that is more likely to hook you up to your smartphone for a good amount of time. The game is all about hacking and rescuing hostages from Government’s eyes. You have to guide the character named Hope towards the goal, and it’ll take you around five chapters to complete the game.

République reminds you of the Watch Dogs game somehow, but it’s drastically different. With stunning graphics and breathtaking visuals, you’ll guide Hope through an adventurous journey. The music used in this game is splendid, and you’ll not regret playing it at all. It has featured on Nvidia TegraZone, so you know how amazing it’s going to be. It is the best Android apps on this list for June 2020.

[appbox googleplay com.camouflaj.republique]

9. Jumanji: Epic Run

Jumanji: Epic Run - Best Android Apps for June 2020

If you think the days of boring endless running games are gone, you’re wrong. Subway Surfers and Temple Run did make an impact on endless running games, but this game takes it to the next level. Jumanji: Epic Run bases on the new refreshment to the Jumanji franchise, which features Dwayne Johnson, and many other amazing characters.

If you watched the movie, you’d fall in love with this game. it’s not your usual endless running game, but you need different characters to complete several missions, and the graphics will look more like Subway Surfers if I’m not wrong. It is one of the best Android apps for June 2020 when it comes to games. We’re very sure that you’ll like it.

[appbox googleplay com.crazylabs.jumanji]

10. Forza Street

Forza Street - Best Android Apps for June 2020

If you have played or heard of Forza Horizon on Xbox, you won’t be unfamiliar with Forza Street. Forza Street is the mini version of the Forza Horizon and is built only for mobile devices. It has a different story lineup from the Xbox variant but sure isn’t bad either. The controls are pretty easy to use, and you’ll get aligned with them right from the start.

As you would expect, the graphics are visually pleasing, and the same goes for sound effects too. I would have wanted to jump into the action as soon as the game began. There is that option available, yet the story mode could have been better, in my opinion. If you are a racing freak and love racing games, Forza Street will keep you glued to the smartphone. We thought of including it on the best Android apps list for the same reason.

[appbox googleplay com.microsoft.gravity]

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It’s time to conclude the best Android apps list of this month. We hope you found the apps interesting and fun to use. We pick these apps with such care and only recommend them to you if we are satisfied with the experience. With such thought, we will try to bring more best Android apps for your smartphone in the upcoming months as well. We hope to see you around soon. If you would like to have your apps featured in the upcoming lists, make sure to contact us. If we like your app, we’ll feature it on our list of the best Android apps.

What app was your favorite on this list? Make sure to let us know in the comments below. Leave your suggestions if you have any.
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