10 Best Android Apps for July 2020 [Free + Paid]

Android comes with a wide range of applications when it comes to the Play Store. If you take a look at the Play Store, you’ll find many new apps every single day. Apps are one of the central cores of any operating system. It’s hard to get through a day without apps in our day to day life. Since new apps keep emerging, it’s hard to pick the best Android apps every month.

If you are going on a quest to search for the best Android apps on Play Store at the moment, it would be pretty hard for you to just come upon some decent apps. At Tech Baked, we make things easier for you with the best Android apps every month. The adventure to find new Android apps continues this month as well. As a result, here are the best Android apps for July 2020. You might know of some of these apps or none of them. In the end, they’ll be handy in some situations.

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Best Android Apps (July 2020)

1. Acture (Free)

Acture - Best Android Apps (July 2020)

The probability is very high that you’re reading this article on your phone. You’re putting your smartphone into work then, well-done! However, there are innumerable times when you just unlock your phone for nothing. That’s when you get distracted with all those apps on your phone, even when you’re working. We have Acture to stop that from happening again and again, and further increasing your productivity.

All you need to do is turn on Acture, and it will start doing its job. Whenever you pick up and unlock your phone, it’ll ask you the reason for unlocking. When you type in the reason, you might realize that you’re unlocking for killing some time. It is great when you’re doing something productive, and you don’t want any distractions further. Acture does its job very well, and thus we had our reason to put this app on the list of the best Android apps of July 2020.

[appbox googleplay com.actureunlock]

2. Protake (Free/Paid)

Protake - Best Android Apps (July 2020)

If you are fond of cinematography, you’ll love the Protake app, undoubtedly. The Protake app brings the professional cinematic experience to your mobile phone. The Auto mode turns ON by default when you start the app for the first time, which makes it easy for YouTubers/Vloggers. When you get into the Pro mode, you get to unlock a ton of features that lets you experience true filmmaking.

You get to see different presets for LOG and Cinematic appearance. The color is deliberately calibrated for your device since each device has a different camera profile. There are additional features like frame rate normalization, Metadata, Focus assistant, and much more. Protake was no exception making into our list of the best Android apps of July 2020.

[appbox googleplay com.blink.academy.protake]

3. FilterBox (Free/Paid)

FilterBox - Best Android Apps (July 2020)

It feels terrible when you accidentally dismiss an important notification, doesn’t it? Or there are some specific notifications you wanted to block, but not blocking all the notifications from an app. To save the day, we have FilterBox, a notification manager that will help you manage your notifications. FilterBox is an excellent notification manager with a lot of capabilities.

FitlerBox lets you see notification history from all apps, even when you’ve dismissed them. However, there is a limit to recover dismissed notifications, which is 20 for now. Moreover, you can even set specific filters to block notifications based on keywords, app, and time. Additionally, you get to see analytics per app and time basis. The UI of the app is minimal and clean, and you can customize it with four colorful themes. It’s such a handy app, so we had to add it to our best Android apps for July 2020 list.

[appbox googleplay com.catchingnow.np]

4. Volv (Free)

Volv - Best Android Apps (July 2020)

News is important in our day to day lives to stay updated with the happenings around us. However, in the modern era, it’s difficult to find time for ourselves to keep up with the news. If you are facing the same situation, the Volv app is for you. Volv is a news and magazine app that summarizes the news for you. The best part of it is that you’ll be able to read the news in just 9 seconds on average.

The articles are well-crafted for you over time because of their AI capabilities. You get to see the news articles without the unnecessary stuff so that you can get to the point easily. Furthermore, there’s a dark mode option to keep the UI easy on your eyes during night time. Speaking of UI, you get a minimal and clean UI to start with, and you’ll get used to it in a couple of minutes or so. Given the features are admirable, we made our choice to include it on the list of the best Android apps of July 2020.

[appbox googleplay com.volvmedia.volvapp]

5. Smash: File Transfer (Free)

Smash - Best Android Apps (July 2020)

Among all the online file transfer apps, there are very few which offer a minimal User Interface. Smash is the one that does its job very well. Smash is an online file-sharing app that doesn’t focus on irrelevant stuff. Once you open the app, all you have to do is tap on the screen, and select the file to share. A link is generated in the end, which you’ll be able to share with the receiver.

The commendable part of the Smash app is that you don’t need any registration to begin. There aren’t any limits to the file sizes without any compression as well. In the end, you don’t even receive any ads in the app, nor does it comes with hidden charges. Instead of Send Anywhere, you can try the Smash app if you are interested in minimal UI. We thought you might find this app interesting, and thus, we included it in the best Android apps of July 2020 list.

[appbox googleplay com.smashco.smash]

6. TruePick’s (Free/Paid)

TruePick's - Best Android Apps (July 2020)

If you are fond of customizations or home screen setups, you’d love this app assured. Trupick’s is an app that brings you a wide range of home screen setups daily. You can get a glimpse of the home screen and will get the necessary information regarding the resources needed to replicate the home screen setup. Apart from that, you get to see a great collection of wallpapers that can suit your style.

The User Interface is minimal and easy to use. The animations throughout the app leave you satisfied at every single tap. In a recent update, they added a feature that lets you know the best-suited icon pack for your setup. It saves a lot of time and works very well, as expected. Ultimately, if you are a sucker for phone home screen setups or wallpapers, this app is what you should try. There’s also a pro version of the app. It removes ads from the app and the ability to upload your setups as well. As a customization fan ourselves, we had to add it to the list of best Android apps of July 2020.

[appbox googleplay fusion.royale]

[appbox googleplay fusion.prime]

7. Photoshop Camera (Free)

Photoshop Camera - Best Android Apps (July 2020)

Adobe has a great collection of apps in its Creative Cloud suite. Adobe Photoshop is renowned for its capabilities on the desktop and even smartphones. The company has recently announced a new app for smartphones called Photoshop Camera. It is a free app that comes with a lot of filters, and much more. Filters apart, you can see those effects in realtime, you don’t need to take a picture for that.

Given that the filters are a great feature of this app, you’ll find some other cool features like Auto-Tone, Bokeh Effects, Custom Lens Effects for Influencers, and many more. Once you launch the app will ask you to sign in with your Adobe account, or else, you can sign up for one. You don’t even need to be a Photoshop master at getting those cool effects on your photos. We had to add Photoshop Camera in our best Android apps for July 2020 for such reasons.

[appbox googleplay com.adobe.lens.android]

8. MindCell (Free)

MindCell - Best Android Apps (July 2020)

As usual, our best Android apps list can’t be empty without the addition of games. The first game on this month’s list is MindCell. MindCell is a third-person adventure game. The controls of the game are unique in their way, and you might take some time to get used to them. Apart from that, the story is compelling, and you’ll find it intriguing.

The story takes place in the future, where the subject finds himself in a lab, and he’s the guinea pig of those experiments. More importantly, he lost his memory, and he must find his way to recall his memory to know what happened to him. Through the adventure, you’ll have to fight in close combat and battles. The game gets interesting when you find new bosses at every level. With such nice graphics and sound, we had to add it to the best Android apps of July 2020 list.

[appbox googleplay com.VenomizedArt.Mindcell]

9. Neon Flytron (Free/Paid)

Neon Flytron - Best Android Apps (July 2020)

If you don’t adore adventure games and want something casual to play, then Neon Flytron is for you. It is an endless running game that features Cyberpunk-inspired gameplay with a flying car. Yeah, flying cars are there in 2020, but in a game. Jokes aside, the objective is simple. You have to collect as many points as possible while dodging the obstacles and collecting coins on your way.

The controls are straightforward, and you’ll get used to them soon. The graphics and sound of the gameplay will immerse you in the game. We recommend you to wear headphones while playing this game. It’s a great game to pass the time in this lockdown period. If you installed this game, let us know your high score in the comments. In the end, we couldn’t stop ourselves from bringing this game on the best Android apps of July 2020 list.

[appbox googleplay com.mobyzay.neonflytron]

10. Shadow Knight (Free/Paid)

Shadow Knight - Best Android Apps (July 2020)

If you are more into action or fighting games, we guess Shadow Knight will please you. Don’t compare this with the typical Shadow Fighter where you’re getting into a one on one fight. In this game, you get into a story where you have to cruise through enemies. At the end of some levels, you’ll find yourself in front of the boss, and only if you beat him, you proceed.

You slowly progress through the story with exciting gameplay. The controls are easy to learn, and it won’t take you much longer. The graphics of Shadow Knight are splendid, and the same goes for the music tracks as well. When you keep progressing through missions, you earn various rewards allowing you to upgrade. We couldn’t resist ourselves to add it to the best Android apps of July 2020. So what are you waiting for then? Go ahead and play it.

[appbox googleplay com.fansipan.stickman.fight.shadow.knights]

Conclusion – Best Android Apps (July 2020)

We’ve reached the end of the list for the Best Apps for Android (July 2020) list. Conclusively, we assume that you liked this month’s list of Best Android apps. That said, we will continue to bring extraordinary apps every month to keep you updated. If you liked this Best Android apps list, make sure to leave us a comment below. If you want an app to be featured on our list next month, make sure to contact us. We hope to see you next month. Till then, stay updated with Tech Baked.

What was your favorite app in this list of the best Android apps? Let us know in the comments below.
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