10 Best Android Apps for May 2020 [Free + Paid]

Android OS is the most used Operating System, and you can’t deny the fact. With more Android devices emerging every month, the need for more apps also grows. Apps have become a part of our lifestyle, and they vary as per our requirements from person to person. And the search for best Android apps grows day by day. Finding them is quite troublesome, like looking for a black cat in a coal cellar.

You need not worry about that. We, at Tech Baked, are here to save the burden for you so that you can take a peaceful nap. We compiled a list of the Best Android Apps that you can try out right now and use them to your advantage. These apps are newborns, and some of them might have been old and undiscovered. So, without making any further delay, let’s start with the best Android apps of May 2020.

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Best Android Apps (May 2020)

1. SMS Organizer (Free)

Microsoft SMS Organizer: Best Android Apps (May 2020)

The first app on this list of the best Android apps is the SMS Organizer. OnePlus has updated its messaging app, which organizes the messages into their respective folders. It uses AI to show order, tracking details separately, keeping them organized. Since it isn’t available for other Android smartphones, Microsoft has come up with an alternative for the same, SMS Organizer.

To keep your messages to clog up in your inbox, Microsoft uses AI capabilities to keep your SMS inbox organized. If you keep getting a lot of notifications for different transactions, offers, order confirmations, and much more, your inbox is sure to fill up soon. It automatically organizes your inbox and adds reminders while keeping track of your expenses besides that. It has Dark Theme support for users who love it.

At last, if you are looking for a messaging app, you should try SMS Organizer for sure. With that said, we thought to add it to our best Android apps of May 2020 list.

[appbox googleplay com.microsoft.android.smsorganizer]

2. LitWallz (Free/Paid)

LitWallz: Best Android Apps (May 2020)

How can the best Android apps list be complete without a wallpaper app? LitWallz is a new wallpaper app, which entered the Play Store last month. What sets it apart from other wallpapers app is its spectacular collection of wallpapers. The wallpapers come in a variety of resolutions from HD, 4K, and Ultra HD. Another good part is its daily update interval. As a result, you get new wallpapers every day.

Along with static wallpapers, we also see the addition of live wallpapers too. Thus, you won’t need a separate app for live wallpapers. The wallpapers in the app get categorized in their respective categories like AMOLED, Anime, Landscape, Minimal, and much more. Navigating through the app is effortless due to the intuitive UI. The app is free upfront, but you would see some ads.

There’s also a Premium version available which unlocks more wallpapers and removes ads at an introductory fee of ₹40 (~$0.5). As a result, it made it to our list of the best Android apps of May 2020.

[appbox googleplay com.digidevs.litwallz]

3. Avocation (Free)

Avocation Habit Tracker: Best Apps For Android (May 2020)

There are many habit trackers out there on the Play Store. Avocation is yet another habit tracker, which does things a little differently. Avocation takes a fun approach to keep things unique and keep you involved. You won’t have any streaks or restrictions here to keep you stick to your goal. Avocation lets you create daily goals or habits that turn into a to-do list on the home page of the app. Every habit you create offers customization options like different colors, notification intervals, and much more.

Doesn’t looking interesting? Well, as you progress with your habits, you’ll see a plant grow from seed. It will be a good reminder not to forgot to water your plant, right? As a result, you will see the progress of the plant, and your statistics for the habit grow at the same time. Avocation also offers some lessons about habits telling you the science behind the development of practices, prioritizing goals, and much more. The Avocation app also provides a pro subscription to support the developers, if you would like.

We recommend this during the lockdown to help you develop new habits. After using it, we can say it is one of the best Android apps for May 2020.

[appbox googleplay app.avocation.avocation]

4. Abstract KWGT (Free)

Abstract KWGT: Best Android Apps (May 2020)

If you are someone who loves minimalism on your Android phone, you will love these KWGT widgets from Abstract KWGT. As a word of note, you will need KWGT and KWGT Pro Key to make it work. Abstract KWGT is fairly a new addition to the Play Store family and comes with 25 widgets and six wallpapers for now. Since it is regular updates, you would see more widgets and wallpapers soon.

Abstract KWGT contains a wide variety of widgets, from calendars, music player, clock, and many more. The widgets available have a minimalistic design approach. We recommend this KWGT set to make your home screens feel alive and minimal. Our favorite was the calendar widget with dates at the bottom. If you love minimal and colorful widgets, Abstract KWGT is the one for you guys. Thus, it had to be in the best Android apps.

[appbox googleplay abstractkwgt.kustom.pack]

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5. Diffuse (Free/Paid)

Diffuse: Best Android Apps (May 2020)

Ever saw those Apple Music wallpapers which sync to the beats from the songs? Or those Pixel Wallpapers which do the same? If yes, you might have wanted them on your device too. Well, Diffuse can do that for you. While Apple Music’s live wallpapers are limited to iOS and Apple Music, you can get them on Android and make them work with many supported music players too. Sounds interesting, right? That’s why we had to include it to our Best Android apps list.

Diffuse takes your album art and blurs it while bringing it to move around the beats of the song. The wallpapers move in a fluid-like motion, and you can stare at it all day. The app uses AI detection to detect the beats in the music setting the live wallpaper to motion. You can even share the live wallpaper in your Instagram Stories to make it stand out. For now, Diffuse supports the majority of music players, and you’ll love it. Given that, we couldn’t resist including it on our list of best Android apps for May 2020.

[appbox googleplay com.justzht.lwp.music.apple.free]

6. Bundled Notes (Free/Paid)

Bundled Notes: Best Android Apps (May 2020)

Bundled Notes is adequately a new note-taking app. With Bundled Notes, you can create notes, tasks, to-do lists, reminders, just like any usual note-taking app. This app works on the concept of bundles to sort the tags, layouts, and to-dos. Later on, you can fill the bundles with your content like notes, reminders, tasks, lists, recipes, and even articles too. The filters are ingenious as well, and they automatically move Notes from one to another filter given the purpose of each filter is set. The features were surprisingly good, and we added it to our list of the best Android apps for May 2020 without a second thought.

As prodigious as the features are, the UI doesn’t take a step back either. The Material Design (Material Theming) used in this app adds a visual blessing to it. It features cross-device syncing so that you can access them anywhere you want. Bundled Notes supports various formatting options to give your articles an enticing look. Believe it or not, it’s been my favorite Note-Making apps after Google Keep just after taking a look at the UI.

Since the app is in early access, the app will bring more features like the web app very soon. It supports Dark mode with a separate OLED option. It’d free until five bundles, and you need to pay a small subscription fee for additional bundles. We didn’t regret it at all, adding this to the best Android apps for May 2020 list.

[appbox googleplay com.xaviertobin.noted]

7. Dolby On (Free)

Dolby On: Best Android Apps (May 2020)

When we hear about Dolby, the first thing that comes to our mind is audio. Dolby On is a recording app that comes from the house of Dolby itself. Dolby On records audio at high quality, whether it be sounds, songs, instruments, beats, or anything. It also gives you the option to record a video for saving your ideas with a video too. This app filters out most of the background noise in the recorded audio and cleans up the audio in an instant. We had to bring this app to our list of best Android apps for such good features.

The recorded sounds are available for export to your favorite social media, and your gallery in case you don’t want them to be public. You can also tune the audio with Dolby’s Dynamic EQ for better tone and space. This app optimizes your audio for music platforms like SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, and many others. Dolby claims to have worked hard on this project to bring you a great audio recording app, and in this case, it is true.

If you are more into music and audio field, give this app a try. We believe you won’t regret it. We had to feature it on our best Android apps list.

8. OPUS: Rocket of Whispers (Free)

Opus: Rocket of Whispers - Best Android Apps (May 2020)

You might have heard of OPUS: The Day We Found Earth, we guess. OPUS: Rocket of Whispers is an addition from the same developers as well. It is an indie game with a compelling story along with an audiovisual treat. The game is narration-based, but you will connect to the emotions of the characters, which sets it apart from other adventure games. The story sets in an apocalyptic plague, where two survivors try to build a rocket to reach the cosmos.

The controls are very convenient, and you will get used to them soon. The game’s visuals are splendid in a way, and the same goes for the audio too. Background music in the game takes you into a completely different world. There’s a separate prologue version available for the same game if you want to try it out. This game has won many awards, and we highly recommend you to try it out. We had no choice but to add it to the best Android apps for May 2020 after playing the game.

[appbox googleplay com.sigono.heaven01]

[appbox googleplay com.sigono.above01]

9. Evil Cogs (Free)

Evil Cogs: Best Apps for Android (May 2020)

Evil Cogs is another adventurous game set in a fantasy world with strange things going here and there. From the visuals, it looks more like a mashup of Limbo and BADLAND. But the game is still fun to play with stunning visuals and audio. The controls might take some of you to get used to them. The gameplay is unique and fascinating at the same time. We couldn’t resist adding it to the best Android apps list.

The gameplay gets interesting at every level. And at every level, you will face new challenges to keep you hooked up to the game. The story sets upon a fight between light and darkness. You need to complete each level to move forward to complete the game. Given that the music and graphics are pleasing, you should give this game a try. It is on the list of the best Android apps of May 2020.

[appbox googleplay com.evil.cogs.game]

10. Knife Hit (Free)

Knife Hit: Best Android Apps (May 2020)

Knife Hit is a casual game that you can play during your leisure time. Knife Hit comes from the house of Ketchapp, who has been developing these kinds of games for a long time. Knife Hit is another such game to kill time during this lockdown period. The goal of the game is to score as much as possible by hitting the knives on the log.

But things aren’t so easy, right? There are some rules to this game. You should throw knives at the log to break it. One knife shouldn’t hit another knife. Yeah, and breaking the apples will earn you extra points to unlock more knives. Finally, after every five levels, there’ll be a boss to defeat. If you win, you get more knife skins. Sounds interesting already? Why don’t you try it? That’s the reason we included it on our list of the best Android apps for May 2020.

[appbox googleplay com.ketchapp.knifehit]

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We hope that you’ll find these best Android apps to be helpful and improve your experience. That said, the games listed above are fun to try out as well. if you haven’t checked out last month’s edition of the best Android apps, make sure to check it out. That said, we hope you like these apps and will associate with us for future best Android apps lists.

Did you find any favorite app on this list? Let us know in the comments down below.
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