Apple’s Back to School Offer is now Available in India

Apple has expanded its Back to School discount program to India, around a month after it was launched in the US. The Back to School offer brings freebies straight from Apple when you buy eligible Apple products from the Apple Store. The offer is available on the official Apple online store for India. Apple education offers to ensure that students can purchase its products at a discounted price.

AirPods offers eligible products like MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini, iPad Pro, and iPad Air. Apart from free AirPods, students can claim 20 percent off on AppleCare. The Back to School offer is a limited period offer, so better to decide quickly before the offer ends.

Apple's Back to School in India 2021

Apple India said that customers can add these education offers to the Higher Education Offer that Apple already provides to university students and teachers in India and other countries.

Students who buy an iPad Pro (any model), an iPad Air (any model), a MacBook Air (any model), a MacBook Pro (any model), an iMac (any model), a Mac Pro, and a Mac mini will get second-generation AirPods for free.

This is the AirPods model with wired charging, so if students want a higher version, Apple will let you upgrade to AirPods with wireless charging for Rs 4,000 and to AirPods Pro for Rs 10,000. The original cost of AirPods, AirPods Wireless Charging, and AirPods Pro is Rs 14,900, Rs 18,900, and Rs 24,900, respectively.

The new “Back to School” discount program is only available for current and newly accepted college/university students, parents buying for them, and teachers and staff at all levels. One will find the offer for the AirPods on the special education section of Apple Store Online. The company’s official website says that an Apple specialist will verify your eligibility using your university ID or acceptance offer.

The company also has an education discount on Apple Pencil and Keyboard, which is always available for students. One can also subscribe to Apple Music at Rs 49 per month and a free Apple TV+ subscription and get Apple Arcade free for three months under the student discount.

“These are all evergreen education offers available all year round, that customers can now add to the Higher Education offer,” Apple said.

Apple’s Back to School offer is available to students who are studying currently or have just taken admission to a school or a college. Parents can also enroll themselves if they buy eligible Apple products for their eligible children, as well as teachers and staff at all levels working at eligible schools or colleges.

There is only one place that you can visit avail of these offers, Apple Store Online, in India at the moment. Students can buy an eligible Mac or iPad for college or university and get AirPods (wired charging version) for free. If one wants to upgrade to AirPods wireless charging, then they will have to pay Rs 4,000. Those who are interested in AirPods Pro will be required to spend Rs 10,000.

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