Apple Online Store Gets a Makeover Before the next iPhone Launch in September

Recently Apple’s online Store got a makeover this Tuesday. Apple’s website went down for a brief time, prompting speculation that the company might launch new products. Apple’s website had a Store tab some years ago, but Apple removed it in a redesign.

Apple added a dedicated ‘Store’ section to the famous and well-known navigation bar and included a brand new page to help you find new products. The Store tab leads you to a thoroughly redesigned storefront, which lists all major Apple product categories. It also has an overview of deals, new items along with support links and documents.

By clicking on the Store, the website will redirect you to the store tab to access the Apple Store page. It has a new product bar at the top featuring the Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, AirTag, Apple TV, HomePod Mini, and other accessories. About half of the images link to the product’s store page that displays all the available models and other resources for accessories, support, and shopping guides.

The redesigned Apple Store doesn’t seem to include the latest gadgets from Apple. Right now, it shows only some seasonal products like educational pricing on laptops for back to school, the summer collection of iPhone accessories, and more.

Apple Online Store Redesign

The Apple Store now offers a smooth experience for the users to get and find some products. The users can browse through official and third-party accessories. In addition, the audience can also find support for a specific product and discover guides on how to set up and other shopping guides.

There are some minute bugs with navigation and responsive layout since it’s a brand new design. Hopefully, Apple will fix these bugs in the upcoming days.

Moreover, the new Store has a lot of content that will help you decide what you want via support documents or one-on-one sessions with Apple staff.

We could see the iPhone 13, Apple Watch 7, iPad Mini 6, AirPods 3, and many more in the upcoming weeks as the new Store went live before the announcement.

If you didn’t try the new Store yet, click on the store tab or head over to to experience it.

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