Apple Music App Updated with Redesigned Widgets on Android

Apple Music’s working on some better-looking widgets for Android. The latest beta version of Apple Music is rolling out on Android with restyled widgets that will offer more customizations to users than the current version of the app.

According to a report, the latest beta version of the most popular music streaming platform, Apple Music, includes some improvements to both of its widgets.

In addition, the “Recently played” widget and the much more significant “Apple Music Player” widget is getting a massive update as Apple Music is having its widgets redesigned in their next update.

Apple Music will finally drop its default pink hue when a song is actively being streamed on the platform matching the primary color from the song’s associated art.

However, when the music isn’t being played on the application, it’ll revert to its usual default appearance. Apple Music beta version 3.9 updates the two Android widgets for both, a new design and added functionality.

In addition, Apple Music Recently Played widget will now change its themes as per the song playing on the app and won’t stick to its default pink hue.

Apple Music is also redesigning its widgets as the Apple Music player widget has also got a size boost. Now the widgets are more expansive and taller, which means that it fills the screen quickly and looks spacious.

The smaller widget has the most changes, and it can be resized to more sizes of 3×2 and 3×1. The album art and song title are more significant in the beta and let users see most of the title. In addition, the “Recently Played” widget gets new grid sizes with 3×2 and 3×1 layouts.

According to a report, the report also mentions some visual bugs in the features at the current stage, as they are still in the beta phase. These can be spotted in some sharp corners that show up in some configurations.

However, Apple will fix the bugs in the stable version of the Apple Music app for the Android operating system. In addition, the Apple Music v3.9 is expected to be rolled out to Android users in March. It is also anticipated that Apple will roll out the new patch with iOS 15.4.

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