Apple releases iOS 15 Public Beta: Here’s everything you need to know!

Apple has finally raised its curtains for the iOS 15 Public Beta, iPad OS 15 Public Beta and released them today for iPhone and iPad users. The iOS 15 Developer Beta announcement took place last month in WWDC; now, Apple has given a green signal to test out the new features on iOS and iPad for non-developers. 

You need to sign up for the Beta tester program that; lets you update to the iOS 15 and iPad OS 15 Public Beta’s on their Apple devices. The iOS 15 update doesn’t bring many overhauls in its design and aesthetics. Instead, Apple has brought in few additional features on FaceTime, Safari, Maps, and other services.

iOS 15 Public Beta Updated Features

The array of features released on the iOS 15 are with FaceTime; users can use SharePlay. The SharePlay feature lets you seamlessly watch TV, listen to music, or share a screen with friends and family. There is another unique feature from Apple called “Shared with You.” This feature likely helps you to keep track of the data you received from contacts in one place. 

The next feature that Apple has added into the iOS 15 Public Beta is the “Focus Up” feature. This feature helps you to get selected notifications that are urgent and important to you instead of unnecessary things while you focus on work. The notification tray got an updated interface, as the size of notifications has become large with feature contact images. 

iOS 15 Public Beta

The notifications have even got a new morning summary feature that sends Time-Sensitive Notifications. These notifications can show up in DND as well. If in case there are any urgent messages such as from banks and other crucial things. These were the updates on the FaceTime and Notifications tray of the iOS 15 Public Beta.

The next feature updated on iOS 15 is the new Safari interface. After a long time, Apple has updated the interface of Safari with material inputs. The design of the browser is more focused on the one-hand mode that helps to navigate easily. The updates include the URL bar moved to the bottom, a swiping gesture interface, and a tab grouping feature. The change of interface is a big thing as many people have habituated the old interface of Safari. 

The other feature updates on the iOS 15 Public Beta include Mail Privacy Protection and Wallet app. The Mail Privacy Protection is a new feature from Apple that stops senders from seeing your IP address. This feature even helps when you don’t want the receiver to know whether you have opened the email or not. The Wallet application acquires support with new things such as IDs and keys in ‌iOS 15‌. 

The iPad with the new multi-tasking features can help you make your work even more effective and fast. There is a floating feature for apps that overlays on the running apps. The split-view gives space for many creative inputs on your iPad while multi-tasking. Apart from this, the updates include a Live Text feature that lets you read text from an image or in real-time from the camera. It helps you to translate text easily and get information directly with just a touch.

Restore your iPhone from iOS 15 Public Beta to iOS 14

The iOS 15 Public Beta and all its new features may even bring bugs and other problems. We always recommend you to stay with a stable version; that has fewer bugs and doesn’t bother you while using your device. Although, if you’ve wanted to try the new iOS 15 Public Beta and didn’t like it the way it is. There is always an option to roll back to the previous version of iOS. 

You simply need to delete the iOS 15 Public Beta Profile on your iOS and follow the steps below to get out of the Beta version. After, following the below steps you need to wait for the next updates and install them to get out of the Beta program.

  • Go to “Settings” > “General”
  • Select “Profiles and & Device Management”
  • Select “Remove Profile” and restart your iPhone

In this manner, you can roll back to the previous version of iOS from the iOS 15 Public Beta version. The new version of iOS has many features but if you are regular user, then it’s not a good idea to use the iOS 15 Beta version in a day-to-day basis. Instead, you can wait for the stable update of the new version and then install it with no fuss of bugs and issues on your iPhone.


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