Apple’s FaceTime is Coming to Android and Windows, with a Catch

In the upcoming days, Android and Windows users will be able to join the Facetime party soon. As a part of WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) 2021, Apple announced that Android and Windows users will be able to have access to Facetime calls via the Web. Prior to the announcement, the Facetime service was only accessible on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices.

Apple is also giving an overhaul to the Facetime, making it more like its competitors in this field — Zoom Calls and Google Meet. With iOS 15, users will be able to generate a link to the Facetime call, and share it with Android and Windows users to join the Facetime call via the Web.

Facetime with SharePlay on iOS 15

While Facetime is one of the biggest reasons to get an Apple device, and it’s availability to the Android and Windows platforms left the users stunned. While you think it may drive away the users from the iOS, the strategy works the other way round. When you take a look at the broader scale, Apple is trying to bring more users from Android/Windows to the Apple Ecosystem.

Facetime Grid View on iOS 15

So what’s the catch here with the arrival of Facetime for Android/Windows? Technically, yes they are coming to Android and Windows, and users will be able to join calls too. Taking a look at the history of Apple with their restricted control over devices and software, it may be surprising for a company to take this decision; but that’s where the trap commences.

Apple mentioned that Android and Windows users will be able to join Facetime calls via a web-browser. What they didn’t tell you is that, you wouldn’t be able to create a Facetime call of your own. You can’t create a Facetime call until and unless you’ve an Apple device with an Apple ID; and can only join if and only if invited by an Apple user.

If you think Apple is opening up their apps to other platforms/operating systems, you are wrong. In reality, Apple is just giving the taste of their core applications for Android and Windows users. This way, they might get addicted or get used to the application, and make a switch to Apple sooner or later. However, Apple has ensured that their calls are end-to-end encrypted even when they’re accessed via Web.

Not to mention, Facetime is getting a revamp soon. In addition to that Apple is adding features like Spatial Audio, new grid-view look, voice-isolation, Share Play, and many other features. This gives an edge to Apple and also creates a possibility for Apple to take over its competitions globally.

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