Apple Silicon Macbooks: Everything You Need To Know

We’re done and dusted with the fourth and the last Apple event of the year and we’ve got some pretty exciting stuff. So this event has been all about Macbooks powered by the new Apple chip: the M1. As you know all of the previous Macbooks have been powered by Intel chips and now we have got the new Apple M1. Since these chips are made by Apple, they claim that the new Macbooks are way more efficient and powerful than the previous models. Apple launched three new devices with the M1 chip but first, let’s talk about the chip itself.

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The M1 Chip

The M1, according to Apple is the first personal computer chip built using the 5nm process and packs 16 billion transistors, the most in any chip. Apple claims the chip features the world’s fasted CPU performance per watt, the fastest integrated graphics, and a dedicated Neural Engine for machine learning. This enables the M1 to have up to 3.5 times CPU, 6 times faster GPU, and up to 15 times faster machine learning while still having twice the battery life as compared to previous generation Macs. Apple also included a pretty vague CPU performance vs power graph comparing the M1 to the “latest PC chip” though Apple doesn’t say which chip.

MacBook Air

This is Apple’s most popular (and cheapest) Macbook. The improvements this Macbook Air has over the last one (which came out 7 months ago) are 3.5 times faster CPU, 5 times faster GPU, instant wake up from sleep. This Macbook Air can now also edit multiple streams of 4k Pro-Res video ( Apple showed 2 in the launch), up to 2 times fast storage, and 18 hours of video playback compared to the 12 hours in the previous versions.

The new Macbook Air will be available for $999 in the US and sales are already live and as for India, they start at INR 92,900 and will be available starting November 17.

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Mac Mini

The Mac Mini has also got a refresh now with the M1. It now has up to 3 times faster CPU and 6 times faster GPU. It now also supports a 6K output monitor ( Apple connected it to a Pro Display XDR in the event). It now also has gigabit ethernet and WiFi 6 along with other upgrades.

The Mac Mini will be available for $699 in the US and is already on sale and as for India it will be available starting at INR 64,900 and will go on sale on 17 November.

MacBook Pro

The new Macbook Pro is again basically the same old design as the new M1. This Macbook Pro now has up to 2.8 times faster CPU and 5 times faster GPU as compared to the previous generations. Apple also said that the new Macbook Pro is 3 times faster than the fastest windows laptop in its class, but failed to give any names. As for the battery, you can watch 20 hours of video playback which is 2 times more than the last Macbook Pro.

The new Macbook Pro starts at $1,299 and is already on sale in the US. As for India these will start at INR 1,22,900 and will go on sale on 17 November


The new Macs have just been announced and it’s too early to make see how they will hold up in the real world. The pricing for the new Macbook remains the same even though Apple claims that they are more efficient and powerful which is a good thing.

So will you be buying the new Mac’s or will you wait for the second generation or are you a Windows user, let us know in the comments below.

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