About Us

Tech Baked aims to provide the right amount of tech you need. We deliver the right content, whether it comes to news, reviews, how-tos, app suggestions, and many more. Tech Baked was founded in January 2020 to bring tech information to people and make things easy for non-techies. We tend to make it easier for people to understand tech with ease. Thus, we make sure that we never get off track.

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Our Team

Sajid Shaik: Founder of Tech Baked

Sajid Shaik

Sajid Shaik is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief at Tech Baked. He loves sharing his tech knowledge with the world through his writings. You can find his work in publications like MakeUseOf, iGeeksBlog, TechWorm, and GeekDashboard.

Sourav Dev Sahu: Writer at Tech Baked

Sourav Dev Sahu

Sourav is an Editor at Tech Baked. When he’s not online, he’s a student and a smartphone fanatic who loves to know about the latest smartphones and sometimes automobiles, primarily cars and not bikes. He is a fan of minimalism.