65W GaN Fast Charging Technology Might Take A Massive Leap

Fast Charging has been in use all around the globe by smartphone users in the contemporary day and age. There have been upgrades in the fast charging department by just the mere charging rate increase but not the size and the inside components which have been the same from the beginning.

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65W GaN Fast Charging Technology

Big Giants like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and OPPO are in consideration to use new technology to fast charge their smartphones.  Yes, we are talking about the GaN (or) gallium nitride technology which can charge devices up to 65W. Every other mobile manufacturer is very keen to introduce this technology in almost every new phone launch. There’s no official information regarding this topic but it is a speculation on the internet.

The high chances of GaN technology being used for fast charging can be justified as we saw it on a bigger platform which is the CES 2020, where the companies have showcased the technology with their upcoming smartphones. So, it literally can replace past technology in the near future and also considering these points. About GaN Technology, these chargers are more efficient and smaller and require fewer components than the silicon one.

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These GaN chargers are a bit expensive to produce but the phone manufacturers are already in talks to bring this technology to smartphone users in an affordable way. The Mi Note 10 Pro already uses this technology to fast charge the device. So, it is evident that we can see this technology to be available to users not early but in a given time.

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